The Seven Basic Plots and Their Application to Playwriting


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This voice and text-interactive workshop will talk about the seven basic plots identified by Christopher Booker in his book and how they apply to developing a dramatic narrative.  Topics covered include:

  • The Seven Basic Plots: What Are They?
  • Popular Examples
  • The Formula that Underlies the Plots
  • Applying to Formula to an Idea in Development
  • Which Plot Is Yours? Finding Meaning in the Plots for your Own Life.
  • This 90-minute session will present some concepts of play development and ask the participants to apply to a story they are developing. Breakout sessions will allow participants to share ideas with one or two other participants and get feedback.


Participants should leave the session with a understanding of how the seven basic plots can be used as a tool to develop a plot for their own play and a path forward for an idea they are working on.


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