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Attention PSH Members: MORE OFFERS FOR YOU!

5 Online Playwriting Videos

This collection of lessons is all about idea-generation! You’ll learn how to mine your personal history, the collective unconscious, historical events, and political/social issues to inspire meaningful topics for your plays.
  • Continued PSH Access – Of course, you’ll continue to retain access to our monthly lists and emails full of up-to-date playwriting submission opportunities.

10 Audio Playwriting Courses

This new offering has been designed to provide expert playwriting instruction from our very own Playwright-in-Residence, Andy Black, helping you to write more creative and technically sound plays.

The material is perfect for novice playwrights looking to gain a solid foundation in playwriting fundamentals, and for more experienced playwrights looking to pick up new tips and tricks.


After years of being the #1 most popular playwriting submission directory online, we’re excited to announce the launching of a brand new complement to our play submission opportunities. For $197, you will get lifetime access to

  • 10 Audio Playwriting Courses
  • 5 Online Playwriting Videos
  • 5 Play Ideas