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Dear Emerging Playwright,

Picture this in your mind now:

It’s opening night at an esteemed local theatre. You’re sitting nervously in a box seat.

Sitting with you is your spouse, an attractive date, or maybe a good friend.

The house is full of pleasant chatter.

Looking down at the rapidly filling seats below, everyone seems happy to be here. They’re all excited to see this “exciting new play” by a “bold new voice in the theatre.”

That “bold new voice,” to use the critic’s words, is you.

You check your watch for the hundredth time. Do these things ever start on time?

You glance at your companion, and they give you a reassuring look.

“They’re going to love it.”

Finally, the lights go down. The chatter in the seats dies down to just a few isolated whispers.

The intercom reminds everyone to silence their cell phones and unwrap their candy.

Your heart is ready to jump out of your chest.

Finally, all is quiet; the curtains open and the lights appear to reveal the opening scene of your brand-new play…

Wouldn’t that be a dream?

Of course writing a great play is rewarding in itself. You get to explore deep truths, examine the human condition, and live out great fantasies of love, revenge, redemption, and any other emotion that stirs you.

But as rewarding as it is to write a play…

It’s that much more fulfilling to see it produced in front of a live audience.

Plus, consider the fact that getting a play produced is probably the best way to improve as a playwright!

After all, it’s only when you can see your play performed in front of an audience that you can start to see how plays work on a cellular level.

There’s no better way to learn and grow in your craft than to see your work up on its feet in front of real people.

You begin to see subtle shifts happening between the actors.

You discover beats and emotional moments that come alive in the moments of silence in between your lines.

You start see the subtext take shape between the actors onstage.

What’s more, you get to watch how the audience reacts to those moments, so you know what kind of an effect your writing has on people.

It’s a magical and inspirational moment, seeing your work come alive.

Unfortunately, this is a rare experience for most.

The Frustration of Writing a Play Nobody Ever Sees

You spend hours and hours writing…



Getting feedback…

Adding new scenes…

Over and over again, until you can begin to feel your play coming alive.

There are passages in which you can feel the characters leap off the page.

There are lines so well crafted, so perfectly timed that they strike you every time.

There are moments where the tension is so strong you can feel your fingers tightening their grip on the script.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that you might be the only person in the world who will ever experience this amazing play.

If you’re like many playwrights, you’ll submit it to a handful of local theaters and then forget about it as you begin work on another play.

Maybe you’ll buy a print directory to look up more submission opportunities–but you’ll quickly become overwhelmed by how disorganized & out of date they are…

(Most of these books are published once a year and never updated.)

And you’ll become frustrated because so much of your best work is sitting on a shelf, collecting dust.

But I have good news for you‚ It doesn’t have to be that way!

There’s because there is a tool called the Play Submission Helper that will…

Dramatically Increase Your Chances of Getting Produced

Here’s how it works:

When you sign up for the Play Submission Helper‚ (your monthly fee is a measly $6.99, or $1.75 per week), you’ll get immediate access to the Masterlist of Playwriting Opportunities.

This Masterlist contains over 400 highly organized play submission opportunities around the country, seeking submissions RIGHT NOW, along with their submission guidelines and any other details you need to send them your script.

(And because we constantly update as contests open and close, the master list contains over 1,000 submission opportunities over the course of any year).

It doesn’t matter what kind of plays you write: dramas, comedies, musicals, 10-minute plays, full-length plays, one-act plays…

We’ve got them all covered.

Now if you haven’t realized just how valuable a list like this will be to you, consider this:

Submitting Your Play to a Theater Can Take Hours

Let’s walk through the steps of submitting your play to a new theater, one by one.

To submit your play to a new theater, you must…

  1. Find a theater online or in a published directory of playwriting opportunities (if you have ever looked through one of these huge directories, you know that you can easily spend hours just skimming through the opportunities available.)
  2. Make sure the theater accepts unsolicited manuscripts (many established theaters do not).
  3. Make sure the theater accepts & produces new plays (many theaters produce only the classics).
  4. Make sure that your play is the right length (many theaters don’t accept one-act, or 10-minute, or full-length plays).
  5. Make sure that the theater accepts plays in the genre of your play (many theaters focus only on comedies, musicals, etc.).
  6. Make sure that you meet any age/gender/race/location restrictions (many contests are geared toward specific groups).
  7. Make sure that your play doesn’t exceed their total number of actors allowed (many theaters prefer small casts).
  8. Find out when the theater accepts submissions (is it year-round, or do they have a submission deadline or window?).
  9. Find out how the theater wants you to submit your play (do they accept electronic submissions, or do you have to mail it?).
  10. Find out where to send your play (what email address or physical address should you send it to)?
  11. Find out who to address the play to (do they have a literary manager, an artistic director, or someone else in charge of new play development?).
  12. Take a deep breath, because now, finally, you are able to send them your play.

Keep in mind that you have to go through this process every single time you want to submit your play to a new theater.

Every. Single. Time.

Remember: your play will never get produced no matter how brilliant it is if you don’t submit it to theaters.

But do you really have hours upon hours of free time to go through all these steps, over and over again, every time you write a new play?

Play Submissions Helper Makes the Play Submission Process Nearly Automated


The way Play Submissions Helper works is simple.

Inside the member’s area, there is a “master list” of play submission opportunities.

This is the largest and most complete list that I know of.

It contains everything you need to know.

Each entry contains:

  • Theater’s name
  • Theater’s location
  • Length accepted
  • Genres accepted
  • Cast sizes accepted
  • Deadline
  • Prize money
  • Reading fee
  • Any additional info

It’s all right there in one easy-to-read chart.

Anytime you’re finished writing a new play and ready to submit it, just open the list and briefly scan it for theaters and contests that fit your criteria.

Every time you want to submit your play, just click on the theater’s name. It will take you directly to that theater’s “New Play Submission” page with the theater’s contact information.

(This way you’re always getting an up-to-date contact address, even if the theater moves or changes an email address.)

Having all this information at your fingertips allows you to completely skip the research phase–saving hours of time that you can use to spend writing instead.

But that’s not at all: here’s another important feature that you’ll love…

Play Submissions Helper Is Updated Every Month

While it might not sound like much, this little feature makes a huge difference.

Think about how many new theaters are founded over time, how many new contests are announced, how many new festivals are put on.

There are always at least 400 theaters and festivals accepting submissions at any given time.  But throughout the course of the year, at least 1,000 opportunities accept submissions at one time or another… In fact, in 2015, PSH listed a total of 1,068 play submissions opps.  That is just mind boggling.

These all present valuable new opportunities to get your play produced, and yet,  you might never know about them if you get a book that was written way back in December.

But with The Play Submissions helper you’ll receive monthly emails with brand-new submission opportunities, so you’ll never miss out on a new chance to get your play up on its feet and receive valuable audience feedback.

I’ve also decided to throw in a few extra bonuses with your subscription to the Play Submissions Helper, such as discounts on expert play critiques, and even a listing of theatrical literary agents!

Not only that, but I’ll also send you monthly motivational emails to keep you focused on getting your work into the world. (Sure, you can opt-out of these emails, but most subscribers don’t because they know the value of having someone to help them stay on task).

At this point I’m sure you’re wondering:

How Much Does This Service Cost?

I want to get the price out of the way, because I know that might be an issue for you.

(You don’t write plays to make a fortune, after all. You do it because it’s important, because it allows you to express feelings and truths that lay buried deep inside.)

And that’s why I gave the Play Submissions Helper a very affordable price.

Your subscription is ridiculously affordable at just $1.75 per week, billed monthly at $6.99 for the whole month. For all the value this service provides, that’s an incredible value.

At this price, subscribing to the Play Submissions Helper is a no-brainer.

(Assuming you’re a dedicated playwright who is serious about seeing your work up on stage.)

Especially when you consider the fact that this service gives you easy access to over $135,000 in prize money. If your play is accepted at just one contest or festival with a cash prize, you’ll make back your investment today many times over.

And if you don’t absolutely love the service? Then just take advantage of our

Full 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I give you my word...

And a 100% money-back guarantee…

That the Play Submissions Helper will revolutionize the way you submit your plays for production and will quickly reap dividends in your playwriting career.

If you aren’t 100% blown away in every way, I’ll GLADLY refund every penny you paid.  In fact, I insist on it.


Take it from your fellow playwrights…

“OMG! What a terrific bargain and time-saver. If you write, you need PSH. Simple. Just do it. It prompts you to keep circulating your labors of love, talent, and insights.” -F. Lynne, Playwright and Actor

“What had been a foggy, daunting and overwhelming task – getting my plays out there – has become a very organized and manageable pursuit thanks to PSH. I’ve been able to get each of my full-length plays to various theatres around the country and am
a finalist in two competitions this year.”
-Bill Quigley, Playwright and Actor

“I no longer waste my writing time on searching for opportunities. I just log on and submit to what I see listed every month. I’m getting my work out to so many more companies this way! I can focus my energy on the writing.” -Ken Kaissar, Member Playwright

“The list helps me target my submissions… Unless I’m totally loopy, my play ‘So You’re Her’ is a Samuel French finalist because of PSH.” -Arnold Shelby, Member Playwright

“The go-to site for all playwrights looking to submit.”T. Whidden, Playwriting Professor (SNHU)

“I’m new to the playwriting world and my mentors told me that this was the place to go for submission opportunities.” -Amy Schwabauer, Member Playwright

“PSH has proven to be a useful playwrights’ resource. It has been fun and encouraging to see my plays produced (3 in the past year), and I have even won a little money in competition.” -Joy Gee, Playwright

“I have used Play Submission Helper for a few years and it is by far the most reasonably priced and the most resourceful place to go for up-to-date information on playwriting contests! I’ve used a number of different places when it comes to submitting plays and Play Submission Helper is by far the best and most comprehensive one!” -Colin, Member Playwright

“For those wary of using a pay service, PSH is well worth the price! Many of the opportunities listed you won’t find anywhere else.” -Kate, Member Playwright

“PSH is my primary source. In the past six months I have won three competitions and was a top ten finalist for the Reva Shiner Award!” -Jim Caputo, Member Playwright

“I’m thrilled to report my play has been selected for full production at the 24:7 Theater Festival, and then it’s moving on to the Shiny New Festival later in the month. I wouldn’t have known about the festival unless I’d subscribed to PSH.” -Georgina T., Member Playwright


Remember: Getting new productions is the #1 best way to grow as a playwright…

And I think by now you should realize that using Play Submissions Helper is the…

#1 Best Way to Get More Productions!

(Faster and easier than ever before.)

The longer you wait, the more time you’ll waste.

Remember that researching all these opportunities on your own can take hours and hours of valuable time, time that would be better spent working on your next play.

So click here to sign up and get instant access to Play Submissions Helper:



Every single listing includes:

  • Theater’s name
  • Theater’s location
  • Length accepted
  • Genres accepted
  • Cast sizes accepted
  • Deadline
  • Prize money
  • Reading fee
  • Any additional info


Your Play is Likely Better than You Think!

I don’t care how many times it’s been turned down.

Your play is probably much better than you think.

How can I know this?

Because there is a 99% chance that you’ve never seen your play performed by the right actors, led by the right director, at the right theater, in front of the right audience.

When you see your play performed under those circumstances…just imagine how powerful it will be!

It will be better than you imagined it, because the actors will find hidden moments and surprising revelations in their characters. The director will help clarify the scene’s beats and uncover new subtext. And the set designer will help make it all come together with a set that brings the world of your play to life.

Now, when people hear this, their most frequent reaction is:

But how do I find the right place for my play? There aren’t that many theaters!

And you know what I tell them?

I tell them to come here.

Right here.

To this website you’re reading, right now.

Play Submissions Helper.

Why do I do that? Because…

Your fellow playwrights have raved about their experience using the Play Submission Helper…

“Play Submissions Helper is THE go-to resource tool for playwrights everywhere…and has been for years.  These people are constantly updating & improving.”
Robin MacDuffie, Playwright
“The best source I’ve found for contests & information about new play opportunities is Why? Because with the Helper, I have information about all the theatres & submission details. I can easily click on a theatre and go immediately to its website. If you write plays, this is a resource you should have.”
Leroy Clark, Author of Practical Playwriting and Writing for the Stage
“I subscribed to your list this year and it’s been a great way for me to find play festivals & competitions. In the last 6 months I will have had 4 of my short plays included in various festivals. The yearly fee is well worth the price.”
Donna Noval, Playwright & Actor
“I work all day long and found it‚  tedious to seek out submission opportunities. I came upon Play Submission Helper & within moments was able to vet outlets that my works were right for. Lifesaver. I’ve already submitted to some pretty MAJOR competitions as a result.”
Playwright Marcinho Savant, of the The Marcinho Savant Group
“Many playwriting groups recommended you, and after 3 days of going thru your list, I’ve sent out a number of plays, and am still only up to the “M’s”. Thanks for the good work. You are more than worth the money.” 
Jack Peterson, Playwright
“Finally someone has taken the time to compile listings that I do not have time for and wouldn’t know where to begin!”
Roman Long-Gonzalez, Playwright & Author
“I recommend that all my students join and use Play Submission Helper.”
Jacob Juntunen, head of the MFA and PhD Playwriting Programs at Southern Illinois University
“I have a new play that I want to send out — and sat down to relearn the ins and outs of the play submission world and am thrilled to find your website and service. Also, I teach Playwriting at Flagler College and am thrilled to now have your website to send my students to for their short plays. Thank You very much!”
Lorraine Portman, Adjunct Playwriting Professor at Flagler College
“I’ve always felt that one of the hardest things to try is writing a play. But it seems that the process of submitting plays is just as hard — that is, until the Play Submissions Helper. My membership has been a tremendous help and something I will continue to use. I especially appreciate your format, your user-friendly layout and design, and ease of operation.” 
Tom Parks, Playwright


Are you ready to

  • Quickly & easily submit your play to over 400 contests & theaters?
  • Save hours in research, so you have more time to write?
  • Get access to over $135,000 in prize money?
  • Receive a discount on expert play critiques?
  • Get your play produced andí‚ really kickstart your playwriting career?

Then sign up for the Play Submissions Helper now!



P.S. As you can tell from the numerous testimonials on the right-hand side of the page, there are many playwrights who think of the Play Submissions Helper as their “secret weapon” for getting plays produced. But as this service becomes more and more popular every month, it will become less of a “secret weapon” and more of a necessity in an ever-more-competitive theater industry. The sooner you sign up, the more time you’ll have to take advantage of these 400+ listings before hundreds of other playwrights catch on.

P.P.S. Remember, the $6.99 per month price tag won’t last forever–so take advantage now!

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