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An INSANE compendium of 400+ play submission opportunities, updated year-round!

Dear Busy Playwright,

         Do you wish there was a website that compiled up-to-date playwriting submission opps worldwide, and presented them in one easy-to-skim chart??  Finally, that website exists, RIGHT HERE.

      My team has literally spent over 500 hours scouring playwriting websites, message boards, google, etc., and have compiled an insane list of HUNDREDS of play submissions opportunities…  400+ to be exact

     Getting your hands on this info will literally save you MONTHS worth of online research…

    Plays are meant to be seen ON STAGE.  And the Play Submissions Helper will help you get there…

          There have always been books out there where you can read through hundreds of pages to pinpoint just the right submission opportunities for YOU….

          And there have always been websites out there that post a limited number of play submissions opportunities…



          The Play Submissions Helper is an electronic system that compiles and electronically organizes HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of play submissions opportunities…

          Compiled into easy-to-use chart format, which enables you to quickly submit to only the MOST RELEVANT opportunities for your plays.

          You will get access to our members-only area, which we update throughout the year as we find new submission opportunities.

Yup, you will still need to write a good play on your own…  But once you do that… Your Play Submissions Helper is your SECRET WEAPON to help get your plays produced...

You will immediately be emailed your login info for access to our member’s area which compiles opportunities for:

  • Full Length Play Submissions
  • One Act Play Submissions
  • 10-Minute Play Submissions
  • Staged Readings Submissions
  • Playwriting Residency Submissions
  • Playwriting agents
  • Theaters, Playwriting Contests, Playwriting Festivals, etc.

Think about the time and effort it takes to get from a finished play, to watching your play go up on stage. It can be like a nasty, teeth-chattering snowstorm that buries your yard under 4 feet of snow.  Awful.

If you’re happy with doing things the way you’ve always done them, I wish you the best of luck. However if you want to laser-focus your submissions to the most relevant opportunities, then stick with me.  I’ll give you everything you need.

I guarantee that even if you’ve been researching playwriting contests for years, you will learn of tons of new submission opportunities you have never heard of before.

The time you used to waste searching for new play submissions opportunities and playwriting contests is now a thing of the past…

See why this is the new “Play Submissions Bible.”



Every single listing includes:
  • Name of theater or playwriting contest
  • Direct URL to play submissions page
  • Length of plays accepted
  • Genre(s) of plays accepted
  • Submission deadline, if any
  • The physical location — city, state, and country — of the theater.
  • Maximum number of characters accepted
  • Any payment or royalties, or submission fee.

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Not only will you get instant access, but we’ll also donate $1 from your initial payment to the  charity East African Children’s Hope, to support their literacy and writing program for Kenyan orphans.


Get your access now to the member’s-only area, and you are on your way to….

  • Instantly turbocharging your playwriting career.
  • Easy access to over $15,000+ in prize money… to help turn your art into a money-making machine.
  • Wowing your friends, family, and colleagues!


Never waste your valuable time searching for submission opportunities again… Take it from your fellow playwrights…

“I work all day long and found it irksome, painful and tedious to seek out submission opportunities on my own. I came upon Play Submission Helper, by Dave Burns and within moments, was able to vet outlets that my works were right for. Lifesaver. I’ve already submitted to some pretty MAJOR competitions as a result of what I found in his tool.”
Playwright Marcinho Savant, of the The Marcinho Savant Group
“As a playwright, I have been waiting for a resource such as the Play Submission Helper. I’ve found it very informative and offers a great deal of services to help the most experienced and inexperienced playwright find submission avenues. Finally, someone has taken the time to compile listings that I do not have time for and wouldn’t know where to begin!”
Roman Long-Gonzalez, Playwright and Author
“I’ve always felt that one of the hardest things to try in this world is writing a play.  But in recent years, it seems that the process of submitting it to potential stage companies is just as hard — that is, until you came along with your Play Submissions Helper.  My membership has been a tremendous help and something I will continue to use.  I especially appreciate your format, your user-friendly layout and design, and ease of operation.  Thank you!”
Tom Parks, Playwright
“I am quite pleased with your service. Many playwriting groups recommended you, and after 3 days of going thru your list – one by one – I’ve sent out a number of plays, and am still only up to the “M’s”. Thanks for the good work. You are more than worth the money.”
Jack Peterson, Playwright
“I concluded recently I needed to put time and energy back into playwriting. I have a new play that I want to send out — and sat down to relearn the ins and outs of the play submission world and am thrilled to find your website and service.  Also, I teach Playwriting at Flagler College and am thrilled to now have your website to send my students to for their short plays. Thank You very much!”
Lorraine Portman, Adjunct Playwriting Professor at Flagler College


We are so positive that the Play Submissions Helper will so thoroughly blow your mind, that we are offering…

Full 30-day money-back guarantee.

We promise that the Play Submissions Helper will revolutionize the way you submit your play, and guarantee that this investment in your playwriting career will quickly reap dividends.

If you  aren’t satisfied with the Play Submissions Helper, I’ll gladly refund 100% of the money you paid.

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely blown away by the Play Submissions Helper, simply email for a full refund. No hassles; no arguments.



The Play Submissions Helper Is Your Secret Weapon
As if 400+ organized play submissions opportunities weren’t enough, buy now, and get a 50% discount.

Are you ready to turbo-charge your playwriting career?

Are you ready to rapidly fire off submissions, one after another, after another?

Leave the typical “peck, browse, and hunt” submission mentality to other playwrights…


Get your year-long access today, because deadlines are constantly closing.

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P.S.  Not only will you be helping yourself, but we’ll also donate $1 from your initial payment to the charity East African Children’s Hope, to support their literacy and writing program for Kenyan orphans.

P.P.S. Order now, to get instant access to 400+ play submissions opportunities, in easy-to-use chart format.  Imagine how great you’ll feel inviting friends and family to opening night if your play goes up!

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List updated August 24, 2014, with 465 current submission opps.

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