Attention, Playwrights: Introducing a new service that allows you to...

Quickly & Easily Submit Your Play to Over 400
Contests & Theaters

Getting your next play produced just got faster—and a whole lot easier. Read on to learn how it works!

Dear Emerging Playwright,

How long does it take you to submit your play to a contest or theater?

Let’s walk through the steps one by one.

First, you have to find the theater online or in a published directory of playwriting opportunities.

(If you’ve ever looked through one of these huge directories, you know that you can easily spend hours just skimming through the opportunities available.)

Next, you have to visit their website to research the submission guidelines. There are all kinds of questions you have to answer before you can even think about sending them your play.

Questions like:

  • Do they accept unsolicited manuscripts?
  • What length and genre do they prefer?
  • When do they accept submissions—is it year-round, or do they have a submission window?
  • Will they consider a play that requires more than, say, 6 actors?

It’s only at this point that you can finally send them your play.

This research phase can easily take 30-60 minutes for every single theater or contest where you submit your play. It’s a long and involved process, but it’s a necessary evil if you want to get your play produced.

At least…it used to be!

I’d like to introduce you to a new service called The Play Submissions Helper.

And I’m confident that when you learn how this service works, you’ll agree that it’s the fastest and most effective way there is to get your play produced.

You’ll gain instant access to over 400 highly organized play submission opportunities across the country, along with all their submission guidelines and any other details you need to send them your script.

If you think about how long it would take you to find all these opportunities on your own, you’ll realize this service can easily save you hundreds of hours of time in research—which means you’ll have a lot more time to write and improve your play!

Access is $6.99 per month, and you can of course cancel at any time.

Plus, there’s one of my favorite aspects of membership…

A Portion of Your First-Month’s Fee is Donated to Charity

Theater buffs tend to be highly involved the world around them, and I’m going to donate $1 from your initial payment to benefit the amazing charity East African Children’s Hope.

This fantastic program, which I’ve supported for years, supports literacy and schooling for orphaned children in Kenya.

Subscribing to the Play Submissions Helper should be a no-brainer.

(Assuming you’re a dedicated playwright who is really serious about seeing your work up on stage.)

And if you don’t absolutely love the service? Then just take advantage of our…

Full 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I give you my word...

And a 100% money-back guarantee…that the Play Submissions Helper will revolutionize the way you submit your plays for production and will quickly reap dividends in your playwriting career.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied, I’ll gladly refund every penny you paid.

Access is only 6.99 per month. So what are you waiting for?

Click here to sign up and get instant access to Play Submission Helper.


Every single listing includes:

  • Name of theater or playwriting contest
  • Direct hyperlink to play submissions page
  • Length of plays accepted
  • Genre(s) of plays accepted
  • Submission deadline, if any
  • Maximum number of characters accepted
  • Payment or royalties, or submission fee

Here’s what some of your fellow playwrights have to say about their experience using the Play Submission Helper:

“Play Submissions Helper is THE go-to resource tool for playwrights everywhere…and has been for years.  These people  are constantly updating & improving.”
Robin MacDuffie, Playwright
“The best source I’ve found for contests & information about new play opportunities is Why? Because with the Helper, I have information about all the theatres & submission details. I can easily click on a theatre and go immediately to its website. If you write plays, this is a resource you should have.”
Leroy Clark, Author of Practical Playwriting and Writing for the Stage
“I subscribed to your list this year and it’s been a great way for me to find play festivals & competitions.   In the last 6 months I will have had 4 of my short plays included in various festivals. The yearly fee is well worth the price.”
Donna Noval, Playwright & Actor
“I work all day long and found it  tedious to seek out submission opportunities. I came upon Play Submission Helper & within moments was able to vet outlets that my works were right for. Lifesaver. I’ve already submitted to some pretty MAJOR competitions as a result.”
Playwright Marcinho Savant, of the The Marcinho Savant Group
“Many playwriting groups recommended you, and after 3 days of going thru your list, I’ve sent out a number of plays, and am still only up to the “M’s”. Thanks for the good work. You are more than worth the money.”
Jack Peterson, Playwright
“Finally someone has taken the time to compile listings that I do not have time for and wouldn’t know where to begin!”
Roman Long-Gonzalez, Playwright & Author
“I recommend that all my students join and use Play Submission Helper.”
Jacob Juntunen, head of the MFA and PhD Playwriting Programs at Southern Illinois University
“I have a new play that I want to send out — and sat down to relearn the ins and outs of the play submission world and am thrilled to find your website and service.  Also, I teach Playwriting at Flagler College and am thrilled to now have your website to send my students to for their short plays. Thank You very much!”
Lorraine Portman, Adjunct Playwriting Professor at Flagler College
“I’ve always felt that one of the hardest things to try is writing a play.  But it seems that the process of submitting plays is just as hard — that is, until the Play Submissions Helper.  My membership has been a tremendous help and something I will continue to use.  I especially appreciate your format, your user-friendly layout and design, and ease of operation.”
Tom Parks, Playwright


If you are ready to take your playwriting to the next level, sign up now by clicking here!