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Howdy, friends!í‚  Below is your listing of 32 playwright submissions with February 2015 deadlines.í‚  Now is the perfect to to get cranking on meeting your playwriting goals for 2015!

Name Length Play Genre(s) Accepted Deadline Location Additional Info
Minnesota Shorts Play Festival 10 mins US playwrights. 2/1/15 Mankato, Minnesota n/a
Blue Mountain Center max 30 pgs 1-month writing residency. 2/1/15 Blue Mountain Lake, New York Fee: $25
Brick Theater Any length Theme: Sex. Playwright must produce. 2/1/15 Brooklyn, New York Artistí¢â‚¬â„¢s Fee: 30% of ticket sales
Centre Stage South Carolina 60-120 pgs Open to any playwright. 2/1/15 Greenville, South Carolina Fee: $15



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Against the Grain Theater Festival min 20 pgs Playwrights either in school, or under age 24, and from one of: NYC, Chicago, P’burgh, Wash DC, Raleigh, Toronto, or their surrounding areas. 2/1/15 Buffalo, New York n/a
Ars Nova n/s Playwright must produce. 2/1/15 NYC n/a
Heartland Theatre Company 10 mins Theme: CLASS REUNION 2/1/15 Bloomington, Illinois n/a
OTARP (On-the-Air Radio Players) 15-25 mins Radio plays w/ plenty of sound effects & variety of voices & good roles for females. 2/1/15 Henrico, Virginia Prize: $50
The New Ohio Theatre n/s Playwright must produce. 2/1/15 NYC No Fee
T. Schreiber Theatre Full Length Plays may be in any genre. 2/1/15 NYC No Fee
US-Japan Creative Artists Program Full Length 3 to 5-month residency in Japan, for US playwrights. Must have previous full-length production or publication. 2/2/15 Japan (city of your choice) Grant Award: $20,000
Kingí¢â‚¬â„¢s Head Theatre Full Length Stories relevant to our times. 2/2/15 London n/a
Adaptive Arts Theater Company n/s Monologues or short scenes. Theme: í¢â‚¬Å“I Doní¢â‚¬â„¢t Belong Hereí¢â‚¬ 2/9/15 New York n/a
Tron Theatre N/S Theme: PREJUDICE 2/12/15 Glasgow n/a
Durango Arts Center max 10 pgs Emerging and professional playwrights. 2/13/15 Durango, Colorado Fee: $10
Prize: $500
Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival 10-30 mins Short plays and musicals. 2/14/15 NYC Fee: $10
Small Fish Radio Theatre max 5 mins Radio skit for APRIL FOOL’S DAY! 2/14/15 USA n/a
Fresh Fruit 2015 Various Theme: LGBTQ 2/15/15 NYC Fee: $25
Nylon Fusion Theatre Company 10 mins Theme: í¢â‚¬Å“social, cultural and/or political happenings in the 30í¢â‚¬â„¢s & 40í¢â‚¬â„¢sí¢â‚¬ 2/15/15 NYC n/a
The Cutting Ball Theater Full Length Experimental plays. 2/15/15 San Francisco, California Fee: $25
Theatre Oxford 10 mins No theme. 2/15/15 Oxford, Mississippi Fee: $10
Award: $1,000
Caryl Crane Youth Theatre 60-120 mins Plays or musicals for children or young adults. Dramas, comedies and farces. 2/16/15 Huron, Ohio

Fee: $10

Prize: $500

Manhattan Repertory Theatre 7-20 mins Fully produced one-act plays (cast, directed & ready to perform). 2/20/15 NYC Prize: $1,000. $150 participation fee if selected.
Babes With Blades 75-120 mins Theme: í¢â‚¬Å“Death & Sleep With the Fallen Warrior.í¢â‚¬ Primary roles for women. Intí¢â‚¬â„¢l submissions ok. 2/27/15 Chicago, Illinois Prize: $1000
Ohio State University at Newark Full Length Intí¢â‚¬â„¢l submissions ok. 2/27/15 Newark, Ohio Prize: $300
Beverly Hills Theatre Guild 45-75 mins US playwrights only. Plays for grades 6-12. Cash prize only, no production. 2/28/15 Beverly Hills, California Prize: $1,200

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Carrollwood Players Theatre One Act (max 15 mins) Open to new and returning playwrights………….. 2/28/15 Tampa, Florida Fee: $5.50
DC Black Theatre Festival Full Length, One Act Any genre, incl. plays which incorporate movement, dance & music. 2/28/15 Washington DC $Fee: $0-25
Giant Cherry Productions max 120 pgs Plays with LGBT characters, stories or themes. 2/28/15 London Fee: í‚£20
Lunchbox Theatre

One Act

(50 mins)

Anyone can apply. 2/28/15 Calgary, Alberta n/a
Midland Community Theatre Full Length Comedy. Intí¢â‚¬â„¢l submissions ok. 2/28/15 Midland, Texas Fee: $10
The New American Theatre Max 25 mins No subject restrictions. 2/28/15 Culver City, California n/a