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Howdy, Playwrights!  This month, we have 35 play submission opps with May 2022 deadlines.


But we’re doing something different this month:

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Name Length Nature of Opportunity Deadline Location Additional Info
A Light in Dark Places 5-15 pages The plays must explore the themes of suicide prevention and mental health conditions with a focus on community, connection, hope, resources and healing. 5/1/22 Los Angeles, California Fee: $20Prize: $100
Aurand Harris Memorial Playwriting Award Full Length Plays for young audiences. Open to all playwrights. 5/1/22 Hamden, Connecticut n/a
Foglifter max 20 pages Publication opp. LGBTQ+ writers. Accepts drama submissions. 5/1/22 n/a $50 honorarium
Mixing It Up Productions One Act(20-50 pages) Original, unproduced, unpublished plays. Previous workshop or reading is ok. Any genre. 5/1/22 Valley Stream, New York n/a
New England Review max 5,000 words Publication opp. Plays and monologues. Payment is $20 per page. 5/1/22 Middlebury, Vermont n/a
The Chameleon Theatre Circle Any length Original, unproduced plays. All styles and genres are ok. 5/1/22 Burnsville, Minnesota No FeePrize: $100
The College at Brockport 7-14 mins Only original scripts allowed. Plays that have been read or performed in any manner for a paying audience prior to submission are not accepted. 5/1/22 Brockport, New York n/a
National Black Theatre 50+ pages 18-month residency. Black playwrights only. 5/2/22 NYC “stipend”
Egg & Spoon Theatre Collective Full Length Developmental workshop for Black writers, Indigenous writers, and writers of color at any stage in their career, and from any geographical location. 5/4/22 NYC stipend of $500
Exposition Review max 4 pages Publication opp. Complete scene for stage, up to 4 pages. Theme: Escape 5/5/22 California Fee: $5″cash prize”
Writer’s Digest first 15 pages Scripts (stage play) are accepted. Int’l submissions ok, except Syria, Iran, North Korea or Crimea. 5/6/22 Blue Ash, Ohio Fee: $30Prize: $5,000
Brewster Theater Company One Act(max 30 mins) Plays must have been written after January 1, 2019. Any genre. *Solo shows must be no longer than 20 mins. 5/15/22 Carmel, New York Fee: $25
Carlo Annoni International Playwriting Prize Any length Plays on any topic affecting the LGBTQ+ community, and the promotion of diversity in love, society, politics and culture. Plays can be submitted in Italian and English . 5/15/22 Milan, Italy No FeePrize: € 1000
Marble House Project max 15 pages (sample) 3-week residency. 5/15/22 Dorset, Vermont App Fee: $35
PEP Productions 10-20 mins,1-10 mins Comedic Scripts with a preference for Satire. Theme: What’s Going On? 5/15/22 Sugar Loaf, New York “honorarium”
Ragdale Residency “work sample” 18 or 25-day residency. 5/15/22 Lake Forest, Illinois App Fee: $25
Virginia Center for the Creative Arts n/s Residency. 5/15/22 Amherst, Virginia App Fee: $50
Austin Film Festival Full Length Full-length plays, original or adapted. Int’l submissions ok. 5/16/22 Austin, Texas Fee: $30Prize: $1,000
The Rockefeller Foundation n/s Projects can be based on any topic but must demonstrate clear social impact and charitable purpose. Open to writers including playwrights. 5/17/22 NYC n/a
Theater for The New City Any length Int’l submissions ok. Theme: “Dream Up: Invent, Concoct.” 5/25/22 NYC Fee: $30, $40
Marion Thauer Brown Audio Drama Scriptwriting Competition max 30 mins Audio drama scripts. Adventure and comedy. Must be appropriate for listeners of all ages. 5/28/22 n/a No FeePrize: $250
Arts & Letters Prize for Drama One Act(30-60 pages) Previously produced scripts are acceptable. 5/31/22 Milledgeville, Georgia Fee: $10Prize: $500
PLAYA See right. 5, 12 or 26 day residency. Int’l submissions ok. *Provide 1-5 writing work samples (or up to 10 if samples are short). This could be one document with up to 10 pages. 5/31/22 Lake County, Oregon App Fee: $15
Risk Theatre Modern Tragedy Competition 90-120 mins Int’l submissions ok. Play based on the risk theatre model of tragedy. Please visit the website for more info. 5/31/22 Canada Fee: $49Prize: $10,200
The Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow max 10 pages (sample) Two-week residency. *This fellowship invites writers to reconsider Southern identity, their own or that of others. The work may be in any genre, including drama. 5/31/22 Eureka Springs, Arkansas App Fee: $35
Theatre B Full Length Accepts submissions of plays for consideration throughout the month of May ONLY. UPDATE: NOT ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS. 5/31/22 Moorhead, Minnesota n/a
Avalanche Theatre 10 pages (sample) New plays that are ready for a full production. Plays that have had up to 3 previous productions will be accepted. Year Round Chicago n/a
Custom Made Theatre Co Full Length Plays that have been through a developmental process and are looking for a world premiere, or have had a recent production history outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. Int’l submissions ok. Year Round San Francisco, California n/a
LAB Theater Project Full Length or One Act Unproduced original works. Year Round Tampa, Florida n/a
Legacy Theatre Full Length Considers play submissions for readings, workshops and performances, as well as completed touring productions to be featured as Special Events. Year Round Stony Creek, Connecticut n/a
MOXIE Theatre Full Length Female playwrights. Year Round San Diego, California n/a
Playwrights Offering Free Feedback Full Length Full-length trade program. You must read a play and give feedback, and in return will have an opp to send a play and get feedback from other playwright. Year Round n/a n/a
SPIDER 300–1000 words Publication opp (literary magazine). Plays for children. Year Round 2 to 6 n/a
Trade A Play Tuesday 10 mins Send in 10-min play and get same-day feedback. You must also read 10 pages of another playwright’s work, and give thoughtful feedback. Runs every Tuesday. Year Round n/a n/a
Thrown Stone Theatre Company Full Length BIPOC playwrights. Year Round Ridgefield, Connecticut n/a
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