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NameLengthPlay Genre(s) AcceptedDeadlineLocationAdditional Info
Chagrin Valley Little Theatre10-12 minsMust be suitable for black-box theater.4/1/15Chagrin Falls, Ohion/a
Fade To Black Play Festival10 minsNo theme, any subject matter. African American playwrights.4/1/15Houston, TexasNo Fee
Prize: $100
Gi60 2015max 60 secsPlays can be about any subject. Int’l submissions ok.4/1/15n/aNo Fee
Historic Elitch Gardens TheatreFull LengthMusical and non-musicals.4/1/15Denver, ColoradoFee: $35
Left Coast Theatre Comax 15 minsTheme: LGBT, Horror4/1/15San Francisco, CaliforniaFee: $5
MadLab Theatre & Gallery70-120 minsPlays that are different, edgy, strange, unique, etc.4/1/15Columbus, Ohio$200 royalty + 10% of box office
Theatre Southwest20 minsNo prohibited subjects or themes. All genres accepted.4/1/15Houston, Texasn/a
Playwright’s Competition

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Theater FestivalFee: $15
Prize: $500
Theater CompanyPrize: $500
Theater FestivalFee: í‚£10
Prize: í‚£150
Theater CompanyNo fee if hard copy
Playwriting ContestNo Fee
Theater FestivalFee: $5
TheaterFee: í‚  $10
Frostburg State Universitymax 40 minsOne-act plays only.4/14/15Frostburg, MarylandFee: $20
Prize: $750
Bogliasco FellowshipsFull Length30 to 34-day residency. Apps from playwrights accepted.4/15/15Bogliasco, ItalyFee: $30
MacDowell FellowshipFull Length1-8 week residency.4/15/15Peterborough, New HampshireFee: $30
Molotov Theatre Group60-90 minsHorror genre — plays in the style of Grand Guignol.4/15/15Washington, D.C.n/a
New England Theatre ConferenceFull LengthOpen to all playwrights.4/15/15Hamden, ConnecticutFee: $10
Prize: $1,000
Stage Left Theatre Residenciespartial draft or writing sampleDevelopment. Plays that raise debate on political and social issues.4/15/15Chicago, Illinoisn/a
The Players Theatremax 15 minsTheme: NYC í¢â‚¬“ Only in New York. Playwright must produce.4/15/15NYC$50 tech fee, if selected
Variations Theatre GroupOne Act, Full LengthAll themes or genres are welcome. Playwrights must produce.4/15/15Long Island City, New YorkN/A
Prologue Theatre Company10 minsTheme: Insider/Outsider4/17/15Chicago, ILN/A
Artists’ Play Exchange10-20 minsOne-acts. Any genre. Previously produced plays ok.4/17/15Cranston, Rhode IslandN/A
Collaboraction Theatre Companymax 7 minsCritical social issues.4/19/15Chicago, Illinoisn/a
Rover DramawerksFull LengthComedies or farces that have received one full production…………………………4/20/15Plano, TexasPrize: $500
Theater Group

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Fee: í‚£15
Theater AssociationFee: $25
Prize: $10,000
Arts CenterFee: $7
Prize: $50
TheaterFee: $5
TheaterNo Fee, Prize: $25 – $100
Theater FestivalSee left
Cary Playwrightsí¢â‚¬â„¢ Forum5-15 minsTheme: í¢â‚¬Ëœplays set in a barí¢â‚¬â„¢5/1/15Cary, North Carolinan/a
Manhattan Repertory Theatre7-20 minsFully produced one act plays (cast, directed & ready to perform).5/1/15NYCPrize: $1,000
National Black TheatreFull Length12-month residency. Black playwrights only.5/1/15NYCn/a
New England Theatre ConfFull LengthNew plays for young audiences. Open to all playwrights.5/1/15Hamden, ConnecticutFee: $10
Prize: $1,000
Nightwood TheatreFull LengthEmerging women playwrights. Script at any stage in development.5/1/15Toronto, CanadaFee: $15
Pend Oreille Players max 30 minsPlays must be family friendly.5/1/15Newport, WashingtonFee: $8
The Adobe Theater10 minsTheme: LOVE5/1/15Albuquerque, New Mexico“Cash Prize”