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NameLengthPlay Genre(s) AcceptedDeadlineLocationAdditional Info
Bread & Roses Theatre5-20 minsInt’l submissions ok. Previously produced plays ok.7/31/15LondonPrize: í‚£20 + share from ticket sales
Can Serrat Residency5 pgs (sample)2-month residency. Apps from playwrights accepted. Int’l submissions ok.7/31/15Barcelona, Spainn/a
CoEAST5-10 minsAll play genres acceptable. Theme: “Modern Lives.” Playwrights must produce.7/31/15NYC$10 fee, if accepted
Fury Theatre2+ hrsSubject: Revolution!7/31/15Chicago, Illinoisn/a
Gemco Players Community Theatremax 10 minsNo restrictions on theme or genre. Int’l submissions ok.7/31/15AustraliaFee: $5
Theater Co

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Theater CoPrize: $2,500
PrizePrize: $300
GroupPrize: $100
TheaterFee: í‚£6
Prize: í‚£100
FestivalFee: $10
Prize: $600
Future Tenant8-12 pgsComedies or Dramatic/Comedies. US playwrights only.8/1/15Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaNo Fee
Phoenix TheatreFull LengthDrama & comedy. Also accepts 10 to 45-min short plays. Musicals ok.8/1/15Phoenix, ArizonaFee: $10
Proscenium Theatre JournalAny lengthAny style. Original plays, original adaptations & musicals.8/1/15n/an/a
The Overtime TheaterAny lengthAny genre. Int’l submissions ok.8/1/15San Antonio, Texasn/a
WildClaw Theatre10 minsRadio plays, horror.8/1/15Chicago, IllinoisNo Fee
Promethean PlayersOne Act
(20 mins)
Plays inspired by the music of John Coltrane. For advanced high school performers.8/5/15Durham, North Carolina$100 Prize
Manhattan Repertory Theatre7-20 minsFully produced one act plays (cast, directed & ready to perform).8/7/15NYCPrize: $1000
Nylon Fusion Theatre Co10 minsTheme: Social, cultural and/or political happenings in the 70’s – 90’s.í‚ í‚  See play submission advice.8/9/15NYCn/a
LowellArts! Players10 minsDrama or comedy. Theme: Things That Go Bump In the Night8/10/15Lowell, MichiganFee: $20
Prize: $500
The Growing StageFull LengthUnpublished and unproduced non-musical TYA scripts.8/10/15Netcong, New Jerseyn/a
Native Voices at the Autry5-16 pgsTheme: What is family? Both comedies and dramas are welcome.8/14/15Los Angeles, CaliforniaPrize: $1,000
Bad Theater Festmax 40 minsDrama, comedy, musical. Completed & works-in-progress considered.8/15/15NYCn/a
Black Theatre Troupe10 mins, One Act, Full LengthWorks that illuminate issues that concern or impact women of color. Open to all female playwrights of color.8/15/15Phoenix, Arizonan/a
London Horror Festival10-15 minsTheme: í¢â‚¬ËœItí¢â‚¬â„¢s not what it seems í¢â‚¬¦í¢â‚¬â„¢8/15/15Londonn/a

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University PrizeNo Fee
Prize: $10,000
TheaterFee: $5
Prize: $1,000
TheaterNo Fee
Production CompanyFee: í¢”š¬5
Internat’l Theater InstitutePrize: 5,000 USD
KNOW Theatre15-20 minsThe play must be inspired by one of the artworks posted on the website.8/31/15Binghamton, New Yorkn/a
Marin Theatre CompanyFull LengthAny genre. US playwrights only.8/31/15Mill Valley, CaliforniaNo Fee
Queens University of Charlottemax 8000 wordsFor literary magazine. Excerpts or full pieces written for stage. Unpublished works only.8/31/15Charlotte, North CarolinaPrize: $100
Boulder Ensemble Theatre CoFull Length1-week residency for parent playwrights. Int’l submissions ok. Scripts must be in English.9/1/15Boulder, ColoradoPrize: $250 + $250 childcare stipend
Darkhorse DramatistsOne Act
(10-25 pgs)
Theme: Halloween. Any genre except musicals & murder mysteries. Previously produced plays ok.9/1/15Binghamton, New Yorkn/a
Nelson Center for the Artsmax 30 pgs2-8 week residency. One-act plays or excerpts from a longer work.9/1/15Nebraska City, NebraskaFee: $35. $100/wk stipend + lodging.
N. Michigan UniversityFull LengthComedy that features college-age characters as the majority of the cast. Musicals ok. Open to any playwright.9/1/15Marquette, MichiganPrize: $2,000
Open Theatre Project20-60 minsPlays must feature 1 performer. Int’l submissions ok.9/1/15Boston, MassachusettsNo Fee
PLAYAFull Length2 to 8-week residency. $100 deposit if accepted; refundable after the completion of a residency.9/1/15Lake County, OregonFee: $35
Santa Fe Performing ArtsFull LengthUnproduced new American plays.9/1/15Santa Fe, New Mexicon/a
Theatre Now New Yorkmax 10 minsMusicals only.9/1/15NYCFee: $10

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