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Howdy, Playwrights! í‚ Check out below to find your 58í‚ Play Submissions Opps w/ December+ deadlines. The clock is ticking and we’re nearing the end of 2016, but this could be your chance to get your first “yes!”


Length Nature of Opportunity Deadline Location Additional Info
Scripps Ranch Theatre One Act
(max 40 mins)
Dev’t opp. The play mustí‚ have something to do w/ San Diego. Musicals ok. 11/28/16 San Diego, California


Red Eye Theater

Any length Six-month developmental support. 11/29/16 Minneapolis, Minnesota í‚ stipend of $550
Lama Theater Co max 8 pgs Theme: “WHY HOPE?” 11/30/16 NYC


Torrent Theatre

max 15 pgs Plays celebrating female strength. 11/30/16 NYC Fee: $5
Prize: $200
Book Pipeline Competition Full Length Plays appropriate for film or television adaptation. 12/1/16 Santa Monica, California

Fee: $65
Prize: $5,000

Clockhouse (Lit Journal)

max 15 pgs Standalone pieces or excerpts from a one-act or full-length play. 12/1/16 n/a n/a
Four Quarter Theater 10 mins Theme: FIRESIDE 12/1/16 NYC


Lake-Sumter State College

See right. Original 1-min, 5-min & 10-min plays. 12/1/16 Leesburg, Florida Prize: up to $150
Manhattan Rep Theatre 30-90 mins Fully produced plays. 12/1/16 NYC

Fee: $575 if accepted

Mesa Refuge

Full Length 14-day residency. 12/1/16 Point Reyes Station, California Fee: $40
Signature Theatre first 25 pgs New musicals. 2-week dev’t workshop culminating in public readings. 12/1/16 Arlington, Virginia

Fee: $35

The Bellagio Center

work sample Arts & Literary Arts Residency. 2-4 weeks residency. 12/1/16 NYC n/a
Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival n/s Open to anyone developing a new musical. Includes week-long residency. 12/2/16 Auburn, New York

Fee: $25

Greenbrier Valley Theatre

One Act
(5-10 mins)
Plays must be unpublished, not have had a full professional prod. 12/4/16 Lewisburg, West Virginia “no financial award”
Kitchen Dog Theater Full Length Scripts should be close to production-ready. No more than 1 prod. 12/5/16 Dallas, Texas

$100 honorarium

Manhattan Rep Theatre

One Act
(7-15 mins)
Fully produced, original, never-produced before plays. 12/5/16 NYC $15 fee once accepted
Darkhorse Dramatists One Act
(10-25 pgs)
Previous prods ok. Must be unpublished. Any genre. Theme: “Valentine’s Day/Love” 12/6/16 Binghamton, New York

No Fee

Paw Paw Village Players

max 15 mins Must be family-friendly. Any subject matter. 12/9/16 Paw Paw, Michigan Fee: $10
Prize: $150
Secret Theatre 10-20 mins Playwrights must produce. 12/9/16 Long Island City, New York

Prize: $100

Little Black Dress Ink

max 10 mins Female playwrights only. Theme: “Hot Mess” 12/10/16 Prescott, Arizona n/a
Live Girls! Theater 10 mins Women, genderqueer, transfem & non-binary writers. Theme: í¢â‚¬Å“LOST & FOUND.í¢â‚¬ 12/11/16 Seattle, Washington


Nylon Fusion Theatre Co

10 mins Theme: The F Word 12/14/16 NYC n/a
Austin Playhouse Full Length Plays must be unproduced. 12/15/16 Austin, Texas

Prize: $500

Book Pipeline Competition

Full Length Plays appropriate for film or television adaptation. *Late deadline 12/15/16 Santa Monica, California Fee: $75
Prize: $5,000
East End Fringe Fest max 90 mins Fully-cast and stage-ready shows. Participation fee is $300. 12/15/16 Riverhead, New York

See left.

Eggtooth Editions

15-50 pgs All genres. Anyone who hasn’t previously published a full-length book. 12/15/16 Flagstaff, Arizona Fee: $10
Emerging Artists Theatre See right. One-man shows & short plays (5-60 mins) AND musicals (15-210 mins). 12/15/16 NYC


Jewish Womení¢â‚¬â„¢s Theatre

max 10 mins Previously produced or published works ok. Musicals ok. Theme: “More Courage” 12/15/16 Santa Monica, California n/a
Pallas Theatre Collective Full Length,
One Act
Musicals only. Must be unpublished w/ no prior large-scale prod. 12/15/16 Rockville, Maryland

No Fee

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Samuel French

max 15 pgs Short plays & musicals. Playwrights must produce. 12/15/16 NYC Fee: $10
The Riant Theatre Full Length, Short Play Plays & musicals. Also accepts 5-30 min one-act plays w/ $1,500 prize. 12/15/16 NYC


University of Arkansas

Full Length Plays must be unpublished and cannot have been professionally produced. 12/16/16 Fayetteville, Arkansas No Fee
Prize: $500
Claremorris Fringe Fest 15 mins New, unpublished & unperformed scripts. Int’l submissions ok. 12/18/16 Ireland

Fee: í¢”š¬5
Prize: í¢”š¬500

Helen Jean

Any length Plays for general audience. Previous prods ok. 12/21/16 NYC No Fee
Prize: $35
United Solo Theatre Fest n/s 1-person shows. Musical, tragedy, comedy, etc. 12/30/16 NYC

Fee: $59, $695 if selected

365 Women A Year

Any length Plays about any of the 365 historical women (listed on the website). 12/31/16 n/a n/a
Arizona Theatre Co Full Length, One Act Latino playwrights in the US, its territories or Mexico. Scripts may be in English, English & Spanish, or Spanish. 12/31/16 Tucson, Arizona


Branch County Community Theatre

Full Length Unproduced plays & musicals. Hard copy submissions only. 12/31/16 Coldwater, Michigan Prize: $200
Celtic Calling max 1 hour Original plays, vignettes, or one-acts. Must have a í¢â‚¬ËœCelticí¢â‚¬â„¢ theme. 12/31/16 Charleston, West Virginia

$100 stipend


n/s Translated plays. 12/31/16 NYC n/a
Evergreen Museum & Library n/a Residency. Housing & stipend are covered. 12/31/16 Baltimore, Maryland


Gallery Players

10-30 mins Plays must be unproduced. Hard copy submissions only. 12/31/16 NYC n/a
Hugh Gregory Gallagher Theatre See right. Short plays or monologues about “disability.” 12/31/16 Easton, Maryland

Prize: $500 or more

Ithaca Fringe Festival

45-75 mins Playwright must produce, gets 100% of the box office. 12/31/16 Ithaca, New York Fee: $25
Las Vegas Little Theatre Full Length New plays that will appeal to an age range of 18-30. 12/31/16 Las Vegas, Nevada

Prize: $150


Full Length Original, unproduced, high quality multidisciplinary plays. 12/31/16 NYC No Fee
Pulitzer Prize in Drama Full Length Plays dealing w/ American life. Hard copy submissions only. 12/31/16 NYC

Fee: $50
Prize: $10,000

Punk Monkey Prods

One Act
(10-20 pgs)
Plays w/ a Film Noir theme. 12/31/16 Los Angeles, California n/a
Sundog Theatre One Act
(15-25 mins)
Original plays about the Staten Island Ferries. Hard copy submissions only. 12/31/16 NYC

Prize: $100

Sussex Playwrights’ Club

30 mins Int’l submissions ok. Radio drama, thriller/mystery genre. 12/31/16 West Sussex, UK Fee: í‚£7
Prize: í‚£150
Towne Street Theatre 10 mins Theme: “It’s 1:24 a.m. Anything can happen.” 12/31/16 Los Angeles, California

Fee: $10

DC Black Theatre Fest

See right. Any genre. Full-lengths, one-act plays, new works, workshop ideas (no fee). 1/1/17 Washington DC Fees: $20, $25
The Dionysian Magazine 1-10 pgs Any content, style or theme. 1/1/17 n/a


Kumu Kahua Theatre

Full Length Plays about the Pacific Islands, the Pacific Rim, or the Pacific/Asian American experience. Hard copy submissions only. 1/4/17 Honolulu, Hawaii

Prize: $450

Kumu Kahua Theatre

Full Length Plays about Hawaií¢â‚¬Ëœi or the Hawaií¢â‚¬Ëœi experience. Hard copy submissions only. 1/4/17 Honolulu, Hawaii Prize: $600
DivaFest 45-60 mins Plays written by women. No full prods in Indianapolis in the previous 6 months. 1/6/17 Indianapolis, Indiana

Fee: $25

Metropolitan Playhouse

One Act
(max 30 mins)
í‚ Theme: “Prosperity” as it relates to life in the East Village of today & in eras past. 1/6/17 NYC n/a
The Marine Corps Heritage Foundation Full Length Plays dealing with U.S. Marine Corps heritage or Marine Corps life. 1/7/17 Dumfries, Virginia



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