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NameLengthNature of OpportunityDeadlineLocationAdd’l Info
The Players Theatremax 15 minsPlays and musicals. Playwrights must produce. Theme: Boo!7/25/24NYCFee: $50 if selected
Clamour Theatre CompanyFull LengthPlaywrights’ retreat. Send a draft of a non-musical play.7/26/24Penney Farms, FloridaNo Fee
$100 stipend
Phoenix TheatreFull LengthPlays and musicals. 7/26/24Phoenix, ArizonaFee: $10
Athena ProjectFull LengthWomen playwrights.7/31/24Denver, Coloradon/a
Avant Bard TheatreFull LengthPlaywrights who live in the DC region will be given preference.7/31/24Arlington, Virginian/a
Go Try PlayWriteSee right.Write a 10-page max scene or an 8-page max monologue of someone having road rage.7/31/24Honolulu, HawaiiPrize: $100
Moleculemax 50 wordsPublication opp. Plays accepted.7/31/24n/an/a
Eastern Front Theatremax 75 minsProductions aimed at both mature and youth audiences. Prefers shows that are created by Atlantic Canadian artists or tell Atlantic Canadian stories. Int’l submissions ok. No deadline posted.Canadan/a
SPELLBINDERmax 5 pagesPublication opp. Drama accepted. Play extracts and monologues are welcome. 8/1/24n/a£3 honorarium
PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grantsn/sTranslations of drama, originally written by a single individual. Works must be translated into English. 8/2/24n/an/a
L’Esprit Literary ReviewNo limitPublication opp. Drama accepted. Translations ok.8/4/24n/aNo Fee
Café Royal Cultural FoundationSee right.Performance grant. Must be US citizen or resident alien and a resident of NYC. If the performance is a play, it must be a full production.8/5/24NYCn/a
Congo Square TheatreFull LengthAfrican American playwrights.8/5/24Chicagon/a
New Art City TheatreFull Length, One ActPlays and musicals. 8/11/24Ventura, CaliforniaFee: $25
Fresh Wordsmax 1 minOne-min play/monologue that rewrites a scene or incident or monologue or soliloquy from Shakespeare’s play.8/12/24n/aNo Fee
Strand Theater Comax 10 pagesPlaywrights must identify as Black women or non-binary. Must include a Black woman or non-binary protagonist, and a brown sugar. 8/12/24Baltimore, Marylandn/a
Hypatia-in-the-Woods10 pages (sample)1 to 3 weeks residency. Apps from WOMEN playwrights accepted.8/15/24Shelton, WashingtonFee: $20
International Human Rights Art Festival10-20 minsPerformance work in any form – every discipline. Must be fully produced. New York and Tri-state area based artists are encouraged.  8/15/24NYCNo Fee
$100-$200 stipend
Qu Literary Magazinemax 4,000 wordsPublication opp. Excerpts or full pieces written for stage.8/15/24Charlotte, North CarolinaFee: $2.50
Faces of America Monologue Festivalmax 2 minsMonologues that represent America’s incredible diversity. Must include the word “GRACE” somewhere in the monologue.    8/19/24TBAn/a
Jan Michalski Foundationn/s2 weeks to 3 months residency. Int’l submissions ok.8/26/24Switzerlandn/a
AgbowóOne Act
(10-30 mins)
Publication opp. Any theme and genre. Plays can be experimental. 8/30/24n/sn/a
Chaotic Merge MagazineSee right.Publication opp. Accepts up to 2 unpublished plays totaling to 10 pages.8/31/24n/aNo Fee / optional fee $2 to $15
Eclectic Full Contact Theatremax 20 minsRadio play. Genre: Fantasy8/31/24ChicagoPrize: $250
Gitelman & Good PublishersFull Length Publication opp. Plays appropriate for high-school actors and audiences. Theme: Friendship and Loyalty 8/31/24n/an/a
Static Frequency5-15 minsAudio drama. Weird, strange, or unusual. Science fiction, fantasy, and horror are all accepted. Material may not be excessively violent or include explicit sexual situations. 8/31/24n/aNo Fee
Prize: $100
Ten-Minute Musicals Project7-20 minsAny musical style or theatrical format. Max of 10 performers — 5 women and 5 men. Int’l submissions ok. 8/31/24West Hollywood, California$250 royalty advance
Theatre Oxfordmax 10 pagesInt’l submissions ok8/31/24Oxford, MississippiFee: $12
Prize: $1,000
Woodward/Newman AwardFull LengthPlays must be unpublished at the time of submission (independently published is acceptable). 8/31/24Bloomington, IndianaPrize: $3,000
Equity Library Theater of New Yorkmax 10 pages/minsInt’l submissions ok. Also seeking monologues (max 5 pages/mins). Musicals ok. Playwrights must produce.  9/1/24NYCNo Fee
Forward Theater Co2-10 minsMonologues. Theme: Guilty Pleasures9/1/24Madison, Wisconsinn/a
Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Artsmax 30 pages (sample)2-8 weeks residency. Submit up to 2 one-act plays or up to 2 excerpts (monologues, acts, scenes) from a longer work.   9/1/24Nebraska City, NebraskaApp Fee: $35
$175 stipend/week
Theatre Threemax 30 minsOne-act plays. Int’l submissions ok.9/1/24Port Jefferson, New York$150 stipend
Trade A Play Tuesday10 minsSend in 10-min play and get same-day feedback. You must also read 10 pages of another playwright’s work, and give thoughtful feedback. Runs every Tuesday.Year Roundn/an/a
Working TheaterFull LengthStories for, about or made with working people, and/or the issues which affect them, in mind.Year RoundNYCn/a
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