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When you sign up for the Play Submission Helper, you’ll get immediate access to the Master List of Playwriting Opportunities.

This Master List contains over 400 highly organized play submission opportunities around the country, seeking submissions RIGHT NOW, along with their submission guidelines and any other details you need to send them your script.

It doesn’t matter what kind of plays you write: dramas, comedies, musicals, 10-minute plays, full-length plays, one-act plays…

We’ve got them all covered.

PSH Makes the Play Submission Process Nearly Automated

The way Play Submissions Helper works is simple: Inside the member’s area, there is a “master list” of play submission opportunities. This is the largest and most complete list out there today. It contains everything you need to know.

Theater’s name


Theater’s location


Length accepted


Genres accepted


Cast sizes accepted


Submission deadline


Contest prize money


Any reading fees


Any additional info


Play Submissions Helper Is Updated Every Month

While it might not sound like much, this little feature makes a huge difference.

Think about how many new theaters are founded over time, how many new contests are announced, how many new festivals are put on. There are always at least 400 theaters and festivals accepting submissions at any given time.  But throughout the course of the year, at least 1,000 opportunities accept submissions at one time or another.

With PSH, you’ll receive monthly emails with new submission opportunities.

End The Frustration of Writing a Play Nobody Ever Sees

You spend hours and hours writing…

Rewriting…Revising… Getting feedback…Adding new scenes…

Over and over again, until you can begin to feel your play coming alive.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that you might be the only person in the world who will ever experience this amazing play.

If you’re like many playwrights, you’ll submit it to a handful of local theaters and then forget about it as you begin work on another play.

Maybe you’ll buy a print directory to look up more submission opportunities–but you’ll quickly become overwhelmed by how disorganized & out of date they are. And you’ll become frustrated because so much of your best work is sitting on a shelf, collecting dust!

Picture this in your mind now:

It’s opening night at an esteemed local theater. You’re sitting nervously in a box seat.

Sitting with you is your spouse, an attractive date, or maybe a good friend.

The house is full of pleasant chatter.

Looking down at the rapidly filling seats below, everyone seems happy to be here. They’re all excited to see this “exciting new play” by a “bold new voice in the theater.”

That “bold new voice,” to use the critic’s words, is you.

Finally, the lights go down. The chatter in the seats dies down to just a few isolated whispers.

Your heart is ready to jump out of your chest.

Finally, all is quiet; the curtains open and the lights appear to reveal the opening scene of your brand-new play…

PSH is the #1 best way to get more productions!

Are you ready to:

– Quickly & easily submit your play to over 400 contests & theaters?

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– Get your play produced and really kick-start your playwriting career?

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The list of play submission opportunities described above are available in our Silver Membership, described below. If you want access to all these opps, as also want resources to help perfect your playwriting craft, then check out our Gold and Platinum options too!

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I give you my word…that the Play Submissions Helper will revolutionize the way you submit your plays for production and will quickly reap dividends in your playwriting career.

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