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Setting Achievable Goals

If you’re like many playwrights, you set playwriting goals of some kind. 

Maybe you vowed to get your next production.

Maybe you committed to taking a class or workshop.

Or maybe you just decided this would be the year you finally finished your play.

No matter what your playwriting aspirations are, always remember that a good goal can be extremely helpful.

But by that same token, a bad goal can actually hurt your progress.

So what do I mean by a “bad goal”?

Lots of people talk about SMART goals. That stands for goals that are:

* Specific

* Measurable

* Achievable

* Relevant

* Time-bound

Most people are already pretty familiar with these ideas. And these are good guidelines to keep in mind for your playwriting goals/resolutions.

But as a playwright, there’s something else that’s essential to remember when making goals. And that is that certain aspects of getting your play produced simply aren’t under your control.

Whatever you do, AVOID goals that are not under your control.

Examples of things that aren’t completely under your control include…

* Getting a play produced

* Getting a 5-star review

* Selling a certain number of tickets

All these things are dependent on people other than yourself.

Of course, you can dramatically increase your odds of achieving these goals by writing a great play…but even a fantastically written play is not guaranteed a production with great reviews and ticket sales.

So be mindful of this when deciding on your 2019 writing goals, and instead choose goals that are 100% under your control.

Here are a few examples:

  • Instead of “Sell a certain number of tickets,” how about “Promote my play to friends & family and on social media. Print flyers and distribute them to coffee shops and acting schools.”
  • Instead of “Get a 5-star review,” how about “Meet 5 local play critics and learn more about their tastes.”

Get the idea? When the ultimate outcome isn’t in your hands, your best bet is to focus on the things you CAN control.

And here’s another example:

Instead of “Get my play produced,” how about “Send my play out to at least 50 theaters this year.” Or, “I will listen to all the PSH Audio Courses, and do the accompanying exercises.”

Now THOSE are great goals that are 100% under your control!  Godspeed in setting and reaching your SMART goals.

**Note: Play Submissions Helper / Teres Enterprises LLC provides this service for informational purposes only, and does not endorse any of the theaters/opportunities, or guarantee the accuracy of the listings.  (But we know you will find this info useful!)