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Howdy, Playwrights!  Spring is in the air, and it’s the perfect time to get busy achieving your goals, in both playwriting and beyond.  So check out below to find your 33 play submissions opps with April deadlines.

Remember: Never stop writing, and never stop submitting your plays to theaters that are looking for new work!


Length Nature of Opportunity Deadline Location Additional Info
50 Playwrights Project Full Length Works by Latina/o playwrights, either Texas born, raised or based in Texas. Submissions in both English and Spanish ok. Solo shows ok. 4/1/18 Houston, Texas


Bingham Camp Theatre Retreat

Full Length New musicals, without prior full prods. Composers and lyricists of color. 4/1/18 Salem, Connecticut n/a
Fade to Black Play Festival 8-10 mins Original, unproduced, unpublished plays written by an African American playwright. Open to any theme and subject. 4/1/18 Houston, Texas

No Fee


max 60 secs One-minute plays. Any subject as long as they are original & unproduced. Int’l submissions ok. 4/1/18 Brooklyn, New York No Fee
Keegan Theatre Full Length New plays & musicals. Should not have had any significant dev’t or full prod at another theatre. 4/1/18 Washington, DC



Whiskey Radio Hour 10 mins Radio play. Any genre. 4/1/18 Chicago


Edmonds Driftwood Players

max 10 mins Original, never before produced script.
Theme: “Be Careful What You Wish For”
4/2/18 Edmonds, Washington n/a
Funky Little Theater Co One Act
(max 15 mins)
Female (and those that identify as female) playwrights. Plays should focus on issues surrounding, embracing or showcasing individuals of the LGBT+ community. Plays may be previously produced. 4/2/18 Colorado Springs, Colorado

Fee: $5
Prize: $100

South Baldwin Community Theatre

max 10 mins Plays may have had prior productions but may not have been published, and should be appropriate for a family-friendly theatre. 4/6/18 Gulf Shores, Alabama Prize: $100
Going To The River Festival Full Length,
2 Short Plays
One full-length, new, unproduced play AND/OR two 10 to 20-min, unproduced short plays. Must be by women of color and by playwrights who live in the New York Tri-state area. 4/12/18 NYC


MOJOAA Performing Arts Company

3-10 mins Original, unpublished plays and monologues written by or about elders of color on the theme of “reclamation”. 4/13/18 Raleigh, North Carolina Compensation is $50.
Artists’ Exchange One Act
(10-20 mins)
Plays should be original. Previous prods ok. Comedic, absurd, dramatic, satirical, farcical, musical, etc. are all welcome. 4/14/18 Cranston, Rhode Island


Acadiana Repertory Theatre

Full Length (max 90 mins) Submissions should be actor/story forward, should have limited to no production history and should not be published. 4/15/18 Lafayette, Louisiana n/a
Athena Project Arts Festival Full Length Women playwrights. The play must not have ever had a fully mounted production. 4/15/18 Denver, Colorado

No Fee (verified)

Book Pipeline Competition

Full Length Plays appropriate for film or television adaptation. Open to writers worldwide. Any genre. Published and unpublished works ok. 4/15/18 Santa Monica, California Fee: $40
Prize: $10,000

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Central PA Theatre & Dance Festival One Act
(30-45 mins)
The play must not have had a prior production. Published plays are not eligible. 4/15/18 Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Fee: $15

Central PA Theatre & Dance Festival

2-10 mins The play must not have had a prior production. Published plays are not eligible. 4/15/18 Bellefonte, Pennsylvania Fee: $10
Equity Library Theater max 10 pages Short plays from playwrights from around the world. Also seeking monologues, max 4 pages. Musicals ok. Must be family-friendly. 4/15/18 NYC

No Fee

Inevitable Theatre Company

5-10 pages (sample) Seeks constituent writers to participate in a unique collaborative play-building ensemble. 4/15/18 St. Louis, Missouri n/a
Manhattan Repertory Theatre One Act
(10-25 mins)
Never produced before plays (cast, directed and ready to be performed MAY/JUNE 2018). 4/15/18 NYC

Fee: $40 once accepted

Open Space Arts

10-15 mins Plays must be suitable for an outdoor stage, family friendly, and inspired by the theme “Nightmares and Daydreams.” 4/15/18 Reisterstown, Maryland n/a
The #metoo Plays 10 mins Daring, angry, exciting, authentic, passionate scripts. 4/15/18 NYC

No Fee

Downeaster Theatre

Any length Open to all ages. Previously produced plays ok. Must be unpublished. 4/16/18 Lansing, Michigan Fee: $10
Rhino Theatre One Act
(max 20 mins)
One person plays are accepted. Participation fee of $50 if selected. 4/20/18 Pompton Lakes, New Jersey

Fee: $20
Prize: $500

Florida Theatrical Association

Full Length New musicals. 4/28/18 Orlando, Florida n/a
Coachella Review See right. Looking for 10-minute, one-act, or short plays to feature in their online Summer 2018 issue AND for monologues, duets, or short plays to feature on their online blog section. 4/30/18 Coachella Valley, California


Hand-to-Mouth Players

One Act
(max 25 mins)
Play must be previously unpublished. 4/30/18 New York Fee: $18
Magnolia Arts Center max 10 mins Play may not have been previously published. Open to playwrights of all ages. 4/30/18 Greenville, North Carolina

Fee: $7
Prize: $50

The Chameleon Theatre Circle

Any length Original works, unproduced. All styles and genres ok. 4/30/18 Burnsville, Minnesota No Fee
Prize: $100
Vintage Theatre Full Length (75+ mins) New comedic plays. Must be unproduced. Musicals ok. 4/30/18 Aurora, Colorado

Fee: $10

Playwrights Offering Free Feedback

Full Length Full-length trade program. You must read a play and give feedback, and in return will have an opp to send a play and get feedback from other playwright. Year Round n/a n/a
Trade A Play Tuesday 10 mins Send in 10-min play and get same-day feedback. You must also read another playwright’s work and give feedback. Year Round n/a


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