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Howdy, Playwrights!  Here’s a list of 36 play submission opportunities with August 2021 deadlines. This is just a small sample of what is in our mega-list available to paid members. Join now to get access!

Name Length Nature of Opportunity Deadline Location Add’l Info
Clay & Water Full Length In-person and virtual retreat. *Send a draft of an unproduced non-musical play. 7/31/21 TBD No Fee
Lost and Found Theatre Any length Any genre. 7/31/21 New England n/a
FlowerSong Press max 25 pages Short plays and monologues from diverse playwrights worldwide who have something to say about the current pandemic. 8/1/21 McAllen, Texas n/a
PLAYA max 10 pages (sample) 5, 12 or 26-day residency. Int’l submissions ok. 8/1/21 Lake County, Oregon App Fee: $15
Strange Trace max 20 mins Proposals for short works of opera/theater. Any style. Int’l submissions ok. Theme: Thresholds 8/1/21 Boston, Massachusetts n/a
TEDxAsburyPark 10-30 mins Short original plays for a Zoom audience. 8/1/21 online n/a
The Crossroads Project Full Length One-week new play dev’t workshop, culminating in a public staged reading. Unproduced plays by BIPOC playwrights. No restrictions in subject matter or style. 8/1/21 Bloomington-Normal, Illinois No Fee,
honorarium of $500
Dramatic Question Theatre n/a Theatre development and presentation project comprised of solo shows by and about women in the United States. 8/7/21 NYC n/a
Alleyway Theatre Full Length, One Act Plays and musicals. Must be unpublished and unproduced. Int’l submissions ok. 8/10/21 Buffalo, New York n/a
Assure Press One Act,
10 mins
The play can be for the page or the stage. 8/10/21 Cedar Hill, Texas Fee: $3
The Players Theatre max 15 mins Theme: “Boo!” Horror plays & musicals incl. a great spoof. Playwrights are responsible for producing their own play. 8/11/21 NYC n/a
Echo Theatre 45-min One Act to Full Length Women+ playwrights. Int’l submissions ok. Play or play-with-music. 8/15/21 Dallas, Texas $1000 Royalty
Elsewhere Studios n/s 1-6 months residency. 8/15/21 Paonia, Colorado App Fee: $30
Experimental Theatre Collective n/a Opportunity to be a part of a collective of experimental theatre writers. Must be in the process of creating something that isn’t “conventional.” 8/15/21 NYC n/a
Fusion max 10 pages No theme. All theatrical genres accepted. The script must never have been produced before September 23, 2021. Public readings ok. Int’l submissions ok. Musicals ok. 8/15/21 Albuquerque, New Mexico Fee: $5
Qu Literary Magazine max 4,000 words For literary magazine. Excerpts or full pieces written for stage. Unpublished works only. 8/15/21 Charlotte, North Carolina Fee: $2.50
Payment Upon Publication: $100
SPIDER 300–1000 words Publication opp (literary magazine). Plays for ages 6-9. 8/15/21 n/a n/a
Theatre Oxford max 10 pages Only original plays, never before produced, are eligible. 8/15/21 Oxford, Mississippi Fee: $10
Prize: $1,000


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Yale Drama Series Full Length Int’l submissions ok. Plays written in the English language only. Must be original, unpublished. Must not have been professionally produced or published. Previous workshop, reading, or non-professional production is ok. 8/15/21 New Haven, Connecticut No Fee
Prize: $10,000
American Stage Full Length New plays that focus on multicultural storytelling and explore a vast landscape of characters, experiences and viewpoints. Any genre. 8/19/21 St. Petersburg, Florida Prize: $250 + $200 travel stipend
Equity Library Theater of New York max 15 mins Playwrights from across the globe. Also seeking monologues (max 4 pages/mins). Musicals ok. Playwrights must produce. 8/30/21 NYC No Fee
A is For Playwriting Contest One Act
(max 60 mins)
Plays about Reproductive Justice, including (but not limited to) the topic of abortion. 8/31/21 NYC Prize: $5,000
American Blues Theater Full Length Original, unpublished plays. Int’l submissions ok. Adaptations ok. 8/31/21 Chicago Fee: $5
Prize: $2,000
Book Pipeline Adaptation Contest Full Length Plays for film and television adaptation. Must have been published and/or produced. Int’l submissions ok. 8/31/21 Santa Monica, California Fee: $65
Prize: $10,000
Earth Matters On Stage Full Length New dramatic works that respond to the ecological crisis. 8/31/21 Anchorage, Alaska n/a
Jakespeare Virtual Theatre Company 10-30 mins Short plays inspired by Edward Hopper paintings. Play’s content can cover any genre, but should be appropriate for the virtual theatre medium and time period of the artwork. 8/31/21 n/a No financial compensation
PlayZoomers Any length Scripts suitable for Zoom productions. Any genre. Plays do not need to be new. 8/31/21 online “small stipend”
ScreenCraft 10-150 pages Seeks plays that have great film or TV adaptation potential. Int’l submissions ok.  Critique available for an extra fee. 8/31/21 Los Angeles, California Fee: $49.50, $69.50, $79.50. (upgrade to a paid PSH membership for a 30%-off coupon code.)
Ten-Minute Musicals Project 7-20 mins Complete original stage musicals. Any musical style. Maximum of ten performers — five women and five men. Int’l submissions ok. 8/31/21 West Hollywood, California $250 royalty advance
The Frank Moffett Mosier Fellowship for Works in Heightened Language Full Length, One Act Submissions must be in a heightened version of the English language. Must contain at least 60% heightened language. Translations or adaptations ok. Int’l submissions ok. 8/31/21 n/s Prize: $3000 / $1500
Theatre Viscera 20+ pages
(see right)
Plays written by queer playwrights for a queer cast, about queer characters. Full length plays, one acts, or a collection of shorter works. Pref. newer or unproduced works. 8/31/21 Portland, Oregon n/a
Three Rivers Theatre Company Full Length New, faith-based / family-friendly plays. Dramas or comedies. 8/31/21 Harriman, Tennessee No Fee
Yellow Rose Productions Full Length, Two-Act Women playwrights only. 8/31/21 Knoxville, Tennessee Fee: $22/$32
Prize: 1,000
Playwrights Offering Free Feedback Full Length Full-length trade program. You must read a play and give feedback, and in return will have an opp to send a play and get feedback from other playwright. Year Round n/a n/a
Stage Left Theater See right. Monologues, short plays, one-acts, and full-length scripts from anywhere in the world. Year Round Spokane, Washington n/a
Trade A Play Tuesday 10 mins Send in 10-min play and get same-day feedback. You must also read 10 pages of another playwright’s work, and give thoughtful feedback. Runs every Tuesday. Year Round n/a n/a


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