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Howdy, playwright!í‚  Take a look below for 42 play submissions opportunities, with July+ deadlines!

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Name Length Nature of Opportunity Deadline Location Additional Info
Emerald Theatre Co 5-10 mins Theme: Out of the Closet. Comedy or drama. 6/30/16 Memphis, Tennessee Fee: $10
Prize: $200
Int’l Theater Arts Institute Full Length Original works in English or Spanish. 6/30/16 NYC n/a
Jewish Ensemble Theatre Full Length Plays that reflect issues of social conscience & human rights. Drama or comedy. 6/30/16 West Bloomfield, Michigan Fee: $15
Prize: $500
Long Beach Playhouse Full Length Un-produced, non-musical plays only. 6/30/16 Long Beach, California Fee: $10, $100 honorarium
New Works Of Merit See right. Full-lengths, one-acts, shorts, children’s plays, previously produced plays. 6/30/16 NYC Fee: $25
Prize: $300
North Park Pí¢â‚¬â„¢wright Fest max 12 pgs 1 or 2 previous prods ok. Any subject matter except nudity or off color humor. Hard copy submissions only. 6/30/16 San Diego, California No Fee
Santa Fe Playhouse Full Length Unproduced & unpublished plays. 6/30/16 Santa Fe, New Mexico Fee: $15
That Uppity Theatre Co 8-12 mins Theme: LGBTQ. Comedy is a plus. 6/30/16 St. Louis,í‚  Missouri n/a
The Hidden River Arts Full Length Unpublished & unproduced plays. Musicals ok. 6/30/16 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Fee: $17
Prize: $1,000
Adirondack Shakespeare Co Full Length, One Act All genres & styles welcome. Subject: Mental Illness 7/1/16 Schroon, New York Fee: $40/20
Prize: $1000/500
Alleyway Theatre Full Length, One Act Any style. Musicals ok. 7/1/16 Buffalo, New York Fee: $25
Prize: $400, $100
Castillo Theatre Any length Plays about political, social, cultural questions and/or historical events & issues. Hard copy submissions only. 7/1/16 NYC n/a
Emerging Artists Theatre See right. One-man/woman shows or short plays (5-60 mins), musicals (15í¢â‚¬“210 mins). 7/1/16 NYC n/a

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Manhattan Rep Theatre 21-40 mins Fully-produced one act plays (cast, directed & ready to perform). 7/1/16 NYC Fee: $30 once accepted
Northern Arizona Playwriting Showcase 8-10 mins Entries may not have been performed for a paying audience. 7/1/16 Flagstaff, Arizona Fee: $12
Panndora Prods 60+ mins New works, full length or long one acts, not previously produced. 7/1/16 Long Beach, California Fee: $10
Santa Cruz Actorsí¢â‚¬â„¢ Theatre max 10 mins The only criteria for entering is that each play must be 10 mins or less. Hard copy submissions only. 7/1/16 Santa Cruz, California Fee: $10
Manhattan Rep Theatre 11-20 mins Fully-produced one-act plays (cast, directed & ready to perform). 7/5/16 NYC Fee: $155 once accepted
Prize: $1000
Wordsmyth Theater One Act or Two Acts Must not have been produced & not have had a public reading in the Houston area. 7/5/16 Houston, Texas n/a
Fad Theater Group 12-20 pgs For podcast. The play has to pertain to the title “Group Therapy.” 7/6/16 n/a n/a
Bare Fiction Magazine 15 mins Original unpublished works only. 7/10/16 Shrewsbury n/a
Lama Theater Co max 8 pgs Female writers from the US & England only. Scripts must be related to the question: WHAT IS YOUR WEAPON? 7/10/16 NYC & London n/a
Theatre LILA 5-30 mins The entire scene will be set around a large four poster bed. Previously produced works ok. 7/10/16 Madison, Wisconsin “small stipend”
Fad Theater Group 12-20 pgs For podcast. The play has to pertain to the title “The Octogenarians.” 7/13/16 n/a n/a
Moondance Int’l Film Fest 1, 2 or 3-act Stage plays, musicals for kids, radio plays. Fee is only $75 if sent by June 30. 7/15/16 Boulder, Colorado Fee: $100
New Musicals Inc. Full Length Musicals only. Fee is for the script overview/analysis. 7/15/16 Los Angeles, California Fee: $195, $400
Omi Int’l Arts Center n/a For translators. 12-day residency. Apps from playwrights accepted. 7/15/16 Ghent, New York Fully Funded
Hedgebrook 7-10 pgs (sample) 2-6 week residency. No residency fee. Processing fee of $30 only. 7/26/16 Whidbey Island, Washington Fee: $30
Nylon Fusion Theatre Co 10 mins Theme: Connecting/ Disconnecting – digital world & technology 7/28/16 NYC n/a
Cone Man Running Prods 5 mins Plays or monologues. Previous prods ok if not staged within Texas. 7/31/16 Houston, Texas No Fee
Lucky Penny Prods max 10 mins Must include at least 1 role for a male or female actor age 6-16. Any subject. Musicals ok. Hard copy submissions only. 7/31/16 Napa, California $100 honorarium
Play for Voices Any length Seeks radio play scripts in English translations. 7/31/16 n/a n/a
Sterts Theatre 25-35 mins Int’l submissions ok. No restriction on theme. 7/31/16 Cornwall, UK Fee: í‚£7
Prize: í‚£100
The Overtime Theater Any length Any genre. 7/31/16 San Antonio, Texas n/a
WildClaw Theatre max 10 mins Radio plays, horror. 7/31/16 Chicago, Illinois Prize: $100
Bridge Initiative Full Length New plays & musicals written by women. Must not have been fully produced. 8/1/16 Arizona n/a
Can Serrat Residency n/a 2-month residency. Apps from playwrights accepted. Full grant avail. 8/1/16 Barcelona, Spain n/a
MADLAB Full Length Female playwrights only. Plays that are a bit off the beaten path–different, edgy, strange, unique, etc. 8/1/16 Columbus, Ohio $200 royalty + 10% of box office
Phoenix Theatre See right. Full-length plays, full-length musicals & short plays. 8/1/16 Phoenix, Arizona Fee: $10 (no fee for short plays)
YouthPLAYS 10 mins Parodies of novels or other non-dramatic material. Plays should be aimed at high school performers. 8/1/16 Los Angeles, California n/a
T. Schreiber Theatre max 10 mins Theme: CHALLENGES. Drama or comedy. 8/2/16 NYC No Fee
360 Xochi Quetzal 10 pgs (sample) Free 1-month residency. Apps from playwrights accepted. 8/7/16 Mexico Fee: $39

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