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Howdy. playwrights!í‚  See below for 50 Play Submissions opportunities w/ December+ deadlines…í‚  Get something in the (e)mail before you down that second glass of egg-nog!

Note: While we here at PSH are not equipped to give feedback on your plays, our friends at Davenport Script Coverage are happy to offer (paid) critiques on your full-length plays. It certainly won’t come cheap, but they have experience working with and producing tons of broadway & off-broadway plays.

Name Length Nature of Opportunity Deadline Location Additional Info
Claremorris Fringe Festival 15 mins New, original works, unpublished & unperformed. Int’l submissions ok. 11/30/15 Ireland Fee: í¢”š¬5
Prize: í¢”š¬500
New Theatre Full Length New and previously produced plays ok. 11/30/15 Miami, Florida n/a
Princeton University n/a Job opp – Lecturer (Playwriting, Directing, Dramaturgy, etc.) 11/30/15 Princeton, New Jersey USA
Saving Endangered Species 10 mins Theme: Endangered Species. Comedy, drama, or TYA performed by adult actors. 11/30/15 California No Fee
Prize: $100
The Group Rep One Act
(5-10 mins)
Any themes and genres except musicals and monologues. 11/30/15 Los Angeles, California Fee: $5
Cape Cod Theatre Project Full Length Play proposals, still in development. 1-week residency. 12/1/15 Falmouth, MA n/a
Clockhouse max 15 pgs Dramatic works, either a standalone piece or an excerpt from a one-act or full length play. 12/1/15 Magazine n/a

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Mesa Refuge Full Length Residency. Apps from playwrights accepted. 12/1/15 Point Reyes Station, California n/a
Pokfulam Rd Productions n/s Plays and extracts. Theme: HIDDEN VICE. Accepts works in progress, completed scripts, musicals, revues. 12/1/15 London n/a
Punk Monkey Productions 10-20 pgs Classic noir themes of murder, mystery, deceit, and double-crossing. Strong female characters encouraged. 12/1/15 Los Angeles, California n/a
Renaissance Theater Full Length Women playwrights currently living in the Midwest. 12/1/15 M’waukee, Wisconsin n/a
Shakespeare in the ‘Burg 25 mins – 1 hr Any style and genre, for an audience of all ages. Previous productions ok. 12/1/15 M’burg, Virginia n/a
The Rockefeller Foundation max 20 pgs (work sample) 2-4 weeks residency. Apps from playwrights accepted. 12/1/15 NYC n/a
Theatre InspiraTO 10 mins Open to anyone. Theme: Shift. Any style except musicals. Previously produced plays ok. 12/1/15 Canada No Fee
Prize: $500
Greenbrier Valley Theatre One Act
(5-10 mins)
Any subject matter. 12/2/15 Lewisburg, West Virginia n/a
Paw Paw Village Players max 15 mins Must be family-friendly. Any subject matter. 12/4/15 Paw Paw, Michigan Fee: $10
Prize: $150
Red Eye Theater Any length Play development. 12/4/15 Min’polis, Minnesota stipend of $550
Darkhorse Dramatists One Act
(10-25 pgs)
Theme: Valentineí¢â‚¬â„¢s Day / Love or relationship. Any genre. Regional playwrights preferred. 12/6/15 B’mton, New York n/a
Camargo Foundation max 30 pgs (work sample) 6, 8, and 11-week residential fellowships. Int’l submissions ok. 12/8/15 Cassis, France Stipend $800 per month
A Work In Progress Theatre Co Full Length One-act plays are acceptable as long as there is enough to make a full eveningí¢â‚¬â„¢s entertainment. 12/14/15 Baltimore, Maryland Fee: $5
Helen Jean Play Contest Any length Any subject. Plays previously produced or entered in other contests ok. $5 fee for an optional detailed evaluation. 12/15/15 NYC No Fee
Prize: $50
Jewish Womení¢â‚¬â„¢s Theatre One Act
(max 10 mins)
Theme: CHUTZPAH & SALSA. Previously produced or published works ok. Adaptations & musicals ok. 12/15/15 Santa Monica, California n/a
Venus/Adonis Theater Festival 30-90 mins Entire cast and crew must be from NYC. All genres welcome including musicals. 12/15/15 NYC Prize: $2,500
Florida Studio Theatre max 10 mins Any genre or style including musicals, TYA, multi-lingual. 12/16/15 Sarasota, Florida n/a
Proscenium Theatre Journal Any length Original plays of any style, original adaptations and musicals. Previously produced plays ok. 12/20/15 n/a n/a
Scripps Ranch Theatre 10 mins Theme: San Diego 12/21/15 San Diego, California No Fee, “small hon’rium”
The Blockheads 90 mins Relevant and contemporary works. 12/21/15 NYC n/a
Monkeyman Productions max 15 mins Theme: Pop & sub-culture, social equity & systems of oppression. Previous productions ok. Work-in-progress ok. Int’l submissions ok. 12/25/15 Toronto, Canada n/a
365 Women A Year One Act
(max 60 pgs)
Write a play about any of the 365 historical women listed on the website. 12/31/15 n/a n/a
Branch County Community Theatre Full Length Unproduced plays and musicals. Childrení¢â‚¬â„¢s plays ok. 12/31/15 Coldwater, Michigan Prize: $200
Gallery Players 10 mins – Full Length Must be unproduced. Reading is ok. Must be the playí¢â‚¬â„¢s world premiere. 12/31/15 NYC n/a
Hope and Optimism Full Length
(75+ mins)
All theatrical genres accepted including musicals. 12/31/15 Ithaca, New York Prize: $10,000
Las Vegas Little Theatre Full Length
(90+ mins)
Looking for subject matter that will appeal to an age range of 18-30. 12/31/15 Las Vegas, Nevada Prize: $150
Metropolitan Playhouse One Act
(max 30 mins)
Theme: “Hope” as it relates to life in the East Village of today and in eras past. 12/31/15 NYC n/a
Mountain Playhouse Full Length Comedy. Must be a world premiere candidate. 12/31/15 J’stown, PA Prize: $1,000
Performance Network Theatre Full Length Plays for young audiences, holiday plays AND plays about Michigan people, places, or things. 12/31/15 Ann Arbor, Michigan n/a
Pulitzer Prize in Drama Full Length Plays dealing w/ American life. Note: See Drama Guidelines. 12/31/15 NYC Fee: $50
Prize: $10,000
St. Louis Actorsí¢â‚¬â„¢ Studio One Act
(max 45 mins)
Also accepts submissions by high school students, 15 mins max. Hard copy submissions only. 12/31/15 St. Louis, Missouri n/a
Sundog Theatre One Act
(15-25 mins)
Plays about the Staten Island Ferries. Hard copy submissions only. 12/31/15 NYC Prize: $100
Theatre In The Raw One Act
(30 mins)
Theme: Cultural/Social Diversity. Comedy, tragedy, drama or radio play. Int’l submissions ok. Hard copy submissions only. 12/31/15 Vancouver, Canada Fee: $25
Prize: $200
Women’s Project Theater Full Length Women playwrights only. Open to a variety of styles, perspectives & topics. 12/31/15 NYC n/a
Gadfly Theatre Productions 20-45 mins Theme: Heroes and Villains. 1/1/16 M’apolis, Minnesota n/a
Turn To Flesh Productions 75-100 mins Radio drama, commedia dellí¢â‚¬â„¢arte, comedy of manners and farce. Pref. playwrights from New York/the greater Northeast region. 1/1/16 NYC “small hon’rium”
Ball State University Full Length Musicals only. 1/2/16 Muncie, Indiana Fee: $10,
$500 stipend
Kean University Full Length Playwrights from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. 1/3/16 Union, New Jersey Prize: $2000
Kumu Kahua Theatre Full Length
(50+ pgs)
The play must be set in Hawaií¢â‚¬Ëœi or deal w/ some aspect of Hawaií¢â‚¬Ëœi experience. Hard copy submissions only……………………………… 1/4/16 Honolulu, Hawaii Prize: $600
Venus Theatre Full Length Accepting plays for the 2016 Season. 1/4/16 Laurel, Maryland n/a
Young Playwrights Inc. Any length US writers aged 18 or younger. Any style and subject. 1/4/16 NYC n/a
Play Submissions Helper(!) Guest Blog Post Opportunity to write a guest blog post for Play Submissions Helper, on any playwriting or play submissions topic! rolling n/a n/a


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