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Howdy! Now, I know you didní¢â‚¬â„¢t become a playwright to get rich… But that doesní¢â‚¬â„¢t mean you caní¢â‚¬â„¢t take home a big payday from writing a great play!í‚  Check out the play submissions opportunities below, which includes over $54,000 worth of cash prizes…

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Name Length Nature of Opportunity Deadline Location Additional Info
Edmonds Driftwood Players max 15 mins Theme: Paradox 3/30/16 Edmonds, WA n/a
Sky Blue Theatre 10-30 mins Int’l submissions ok. 3/30/16 London Fee: í‚£16
Theatre Conspiracy Full Length Plays having up to three previous Prods are welcome. 3/30/16 Fort Myers, Florida Fee: $5
Prize: $700
American Stage Full Length New plays — no previous professional Prod in Florida. Any genre. Hard copy submissions only. 3/31/16 St. P’sburg, Florida n/a
Arts & Letters Prize 30-60 pgs One-act plays only. 3/31/16 M’geville, Georgia Fee: $10
Prize: $500
Capital Stage Full Length Any genre. 3/31/16 S’mento, California n/a
Fest51 30-90 mins Scripts must be by female authors. 3/31/16 K’gstown, RI n/a
Geva Theatre Center Full Length Full-length plays, translations & adaptations. 3/31/16 Rochester, New York n/a
Pend Oreille Players Assoc One Act
(max 30 mins)
Plays must be family friendly, no strong language. 3/31/16 Newport, WA Fee: $6 hardcopy, $9 electronic

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$7,500 grant
Theater n/a
Magazine n/a
Festival No Fee
Festival Fee: $20
“Cash prize”
Theater Fee: $35
Prize: $1,000
Play Development Program Award: $10,000
Theater Prize: $100
University Prize: $5,ooo
Fresh Ground Pepper Full Length 1-week residency from July 27 to August 3, 2016. Apps from playwrights accepted. 4/3/16 Nazareth, PA Fee: $350
Pittsburgh New Works Fest One Act
(max 40 mins)
Unproduced plays only. 4/3/16 P’tsburgh, PA Fee: $15
Prize: $500
Artists’ Exchange One Act
(10-15 mins)
Previously produced plays ok. Comedic, absurd, dramatic, farcical, musical, etc. 4/15/16 Cranston, RI N/a
Athena Project Full Length Female playwrights only. 4/15/16 Denver, Colorado N/a
Barkers max 12 pgs (sample) American playwrights only. Send two writing samples. Two scenes from the same play is acceptable. 4/15/16 NYC $1,000.
Fee: $10, OR $5 for PSH paid members
Barkers max 24 pgs (sample) European playwrights only. Samples can be in any official language of the countries within the EU. 4/15/16 NYC Fee: $10, OR $5 for PSH paid members
Bogliasco F’wships Full Length 30 to 34-day residency. Apps from playwrights accepted. 4/15/16 Italy Fee: $30
Frostburg State U One Act
(max 40 mins)
New works. 4/15/16 Frostburg, Maryland Fee: $20
Prize: $750
MacDowell Fellowship Full Length 1-8 week residency. 4/15/16 P’borough, NH Fee: $30
Manhattan Rep Theatre One Act
(7-90 mins)
Playwrights must produce. Previously produced plays ok………………………………… 4/15/16 NYC Fee: $30 once accepted
Midtown Int’l Theatre Fest 25-60 mins Playwright must produce. 4/15/16 NYC n/a
New England Theatre Conf Full Length Open to all playwrights. Hard copy submissions only. 4/15/16 Hamden, CT Fee: $10
Prize: $1000
Open Space Art 10-15 mins Open to everyone. Theme: TOPSY TURVY. Must be family friendly, & involve younger characters (ages 13 to 35). 4/15/16 R’stown, Maryland n/a
Playwrights’ Round Table 10 mins Original, unproduced works. Particularly interested in plays by women & minorities. 4/15/16 Orlando, Florida No Fee
Stage Left Theatre partial draft/writing sample Plays that raise debate re: political & social issues. 4/15/16 Chicago, Illinois n/a
The College at Brockport 7-14 mins Note: First 500 plays only. 4/15/16 Brockport, New York n/a
Theater .

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í¢â‚¬Å“My membership has been a tremendous help.í¢â‚¬


“Play Submissions Helper is THE go-to resource tool for playwrights everywhere… and has been for years.”


Free for hard copy subs. $5 email.
Theater Fee: $40
Arts Alliance Fee: $20
Prize: $10,000
Festival n/a
Marquee Dramatist Group n/a
Playwriting Prize Fee: $25
Prize: $10,000
Theater Company n/a
Hand to Mouth Players One Act
(max 25 mins)
Play must be previously unpublished. 4/30/16 Montrose, New York Fee: $15 -$20
Magnolia Arts Center max 10 mins Unpublished plays. Open to playwrights of all ages. 4/30/16 G’ville, North Carolina Fee: $5 – $7.
Prize: $50
Pride Films & Plays Short, Full Length Plays or musicals written by women with lesbian characters or themes. Entry fee $15 if sent by March 31. 4/30/16 Chicago, Illinois Fee: $15 – 30. Prize: $400.
The Chameleon Theatre Circle Any length Original, unproduced works only. All styles & genres ok. 4/30/16 B’nsville, MN No Fee
Prize: $100
American Actors UK max 20 mins Theme: The year 2020 4/30/16 London, UK Fee: í‚£15
Capital Rep Theatre Full Length Multi-cultural & ethnically diverse pieces encouraged. Comedy & drama welcome. 5/1/16 Albany, New York n/a
Golden Thread Prods 10-30 mins Open to playwrights of Middle Eastern heritage writing about any topic, or to any playwright writing about the Middle East. 5/1/16 San Francisco, California n/a
Left Coast Theatre Co. 10-15 mins LGBTQ themed shorts w/ 1+ LGBTQ characters. 5/1/16 San Francisco, California n/a
New England Theatre Conf Full Length Plays for young audiences. Unproduced. Open to all playwrights. Hard copy submissions only. 5/1/16 Hamden, CT Fee:$10
Prize: $1,000
Writer’s Digest Full Length No restrictions on content, language, subject matter, etc. Int’l submissions ok. 5/6/16 n/a Fee: $25
Prize: $5,000


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