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If there’s one piece of advice I could give to every playwright in the world, it would be this: Never stop writing, and never stop submitting your plays.

The only way you’re going to make it, and to be successful, is if you keep doing those 2 things.

Now, it may come as no surprise that most playwrights are better at task #1 (writing) than they are at task #2 (submitting). Playwrights write– that’s that they do.í‚ 

But make sure not to neglect submitting!í‚  You can start now by submitting to some of these 61 Play Submissions w/ March+ 2016 deadlines…


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Name Length Nature of Opportunity Date Location Other Info
Midtown Int’l Fest max 10 mins Playwrights must produce. 2/27/16 NYC Prize: $75
Can Serrat 3 pgs (sample) 2-month residency. Int’l submissions ok. Apps from playwrights accepted. 2/28/16 Barcelona, Spain No Fee
Creede Rep Theatre Full Length New plays of the West. Female playwrights encouraged to submit. 2/28/16 Creede, Colorado n/a
New American Theatre One Act
(max 25 mins)
Plays not yet produced in Los Angeles. No subject restrictions. 2/28/16 Culver City, California No Fee
Atlanta Fringe Fest 15-45 mins Audio plays only. There will be a “cash prize.” Automatic acceptance. 2/29/16 Atlanta, Georgia Fee: $20
Carroll wood Players max 15 mins Scripts must be original, unpublished & unproduced. 2/29/16 Tampa, Florida Fee: $5
Scrap Mettle Arts 45+ pgs Works in development. Musicals ok. 2/29/16 Brooklyn, New York No Fee

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Anderson Center n/s 2-4 weeks residency, August 2016. Emerging artists from NYC & Minnesota. 3/1/16 Red Wing, Minnesota n/a
Assoc for Theatre in Higher Ed Full Length Women playwrights only. 3/1/16 Wash., D.C. No Fee
Prize: $1000
Bloom’ton Playwright Project Full Length
(75-135 mins)
Musicals ok. Hard copy submissions only. Fee waived for Dramatist Guild members. 3/1/16 Bí¢â‚¬â„¢ton, Indiana Fee: $10
East Valley Children’s Theatre 1hr -1.5hr Plays must be suitable for children to perform for children. Musicals ok. 3/1/16 Mesa, Arizona No Fee
Prize: $500 + Travel
Gulfport Players 5-15 mins New & never produced in the Tampa Bay Area. 3/1/16 Gulfport, Florida No Fee
Indie Boots Theatre Fest max 15 mins All plays must use the word “Ava” in the title. All genres ok. 3/1/16 Chicago, Illinois No Fee
Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts See right. 2-8 weeks residency. Submit up to 2 one-act plays, or 2 excerpts from a longer work. 3/1/16 Nebraska City, Nebraska Fee: $35
Lee Street Theatre 10 mins Comedy only. Theme: “Diversified.” Residents of NC, SC, GA, TN, VA, WV, MD only. 3/1/16 Salisbury, North Carolina n/a
Neil Simon Fest Full Length
(80-120 mins)
Character-driven American comedy. Musicals ok. 3/1/16 Cedar City, Utah Fee: $25 or
$55 (with critique)
Orlando Sh’speare Theater Full Length Theme: “Social issues that affect our lives today.” Comedies & dramas ok. 3/1/16 Orlando, Florida stipend, travel, & housing
Pangloss Prods max 10 pgs Theme: Family Reunion 3/1/16 Wí¢â‚¬â„¢burg, Virginia n/a
PLAYA Full Length 2-8 weeks residency. Apps from playwrights accepted. 3/1/16 Summer Lake, Oregon Fee: $35
Princeton Theatre Group One Act,
10 mins
Int’l submissions ok. Comedy, drama, tragedy, farce, hybrid, etc. 3/1/16 Princeton, Illinois N/a
Theatre Harrisburg Full Length Original works with no previous commercial production. Musicals ok. 3/1/16 H’burg, PA Fee: $15
Prize: $500
Theatre Oxford max 10 pgs Original plays, never before produced. Hard copy submissions only. 3/1/16 Oxford, MI Fee: $10
Prize: $1,000
Theatre Suburbia 90-120 mins Family-friendly meller-drammer. 3/1/16 Houston, Texas n/a
The Road Theatre Company 10 mins, One Act, or Full Length New & established playwrights are encouraged to submit. Solo pieces & musicals ok. 3/1/16 Los Angeles, California n/a
Trustus Theatre Full Length Comedies & dramas on any topic, with no previous professional productions. 3/1/16 Columbia, South Carolina Prize: $250, $500
Ucross Found Full Length 2-6 weeks residency. Both mature & emerging artists are welcome to apply. Apps from playwrights accepted. 3/1/16 Ucross, Wyoming Fee: $40
MCL Chicago Full Length New, original musical comedies. 3/8/16 Chicago, Illinois n/a
Sedos max 10 mins Theme: Frenemies. Any genre. Pref with solid female roles. Int’l submissions ok. 3/11/16 London Fee: í‚£5 (NOTE: í‚£30 feeí‚  if selected)
Studio C Artists One Act
(max 12 mins)
Theme: í¢â‚¬Å“In The Garage.í¢â‚¬ Comedies or dramas. 3/11/16 Los Angeles, California n/a
Fresh Fruit Fest Any length Theme: “LGBTQ experience.” Playwrights must produce. 3/13/16 NYC Fee: $15
The Kerouac Project 10 pgs (sample) 3-month residency. Int’l submissions ok. 3/13/16 Orlando, Florida Fee: $30
Moonlit Wings Prods 20-40 mins Plays or musicals. Female driven or gender neutral casts encouraged; suitable to be performed by ages 7-16. 3/14/16 DC & NYC n/a
Birdhouse Theatre 10 mins Unproduced works preferred. 3/15/16 Mí¢â‚¬â„¢ville, Georgia Fee: $5
Prize: $100
Brush Creek Found for the Arts max 20 pgs (sample) 2-6 weeks residency, June-November. Apps from playwrights accepted. 3/15/16 Saratoga, Wyoming Fee: $35
Djerassi Resident Artists Program max 30 pgs 29-day residency. Apps from playwrights accepted. 3/15/16 Woodside, California Fee: $45
Tennessee Womení¢â‚¬â„¢s Theater Project Full Length Women playwrights only. Playwrights are responsible for securing a director & cast for readings. 3/15/16 Nashville, Tennessee Fee: $25
The Riant Theatre One Act
(15-30 mins)
Also accepts full-length plays (55-90 mins), musicals (max 120 mins) & short plays (40-50 mins). 3/15/16 NYC Prize: $1,500
Navigator Theater Full Length, One Act, 10-mins All plays must have Sci-Fi elements as a major part of the story. Fee waived for Dramatist Guild members. 3/16/16 n/a Fees: $5-10
Sí¢â‚¬â„¢eastern Louisiana Univ Full Length Plays geared for a university cast & audience. Open to all playwrights. 3/18/16 Hammond, Louisiana Fee: $10
Manhattan Rep Theatre 40-100 mins New, never produced before plays. Playwright must produce. 3/20/16 NYC Fee: $325 once accepted
Tomo Suru Players 8-12 mins Any genre & style. Theme: Love – romantic, familial, friendly. Int’l submissions ok. 3/20/16 Vancouver, Canada Fee: $10
Prize: $150
Helen Jean Play Contest Any length Previous prods ok. Any subject. First 75 submissions only! 3/21/16 NYC No Fee
Prize: $35
Edmonds Driftwood Players max 15 mins Unproduced plays only. Theme: Paradox 3/30/16 Edmonds, WA n/a
Sky Blue Theatre 10-30 mins Unpublished plays only. Int’l submissions ok. 3/30/16 London Fee: í‚£16
Theatre Conspiracy Full Length Plays having up to three previous productions are welcome. 3/30/16 Fort Myers, Florida Prize: $700
Arts & Letters Drama Prize max 25 pgs One-act plays only. 3/31/16 Mí¢â‚¬â„¢ville, Georgia Fee: $20
Prize: $1,000
Capital Stage Full Length Any genre. 3/31/16 Sí¢â‚¬â„¢mento, California n/a
Festival51 30-90 mins Scripts must be by female authors. 3/31/16 N. Kingstown, RI n/a
Geva Theatre Center Full Length Full-length plays, translations & adaptations. 3/31/16 Rochester, New York n/a
Pegasus Theater Company max 10 mins Unpublished plays by Greater Bay Area playwrights. 3/31/16 Gí¢â‚¬â„¢ville, California n/a
Shaw Society 2,500-4,000 words Looking for an additional scene to a play by Bernard Shaw. Open to all. 3/31/16 UK Fee: í‚£8
Prize: í‚£500
Theatre Southwest 20 mins Any subject, theme or genre. Must be previously unproduced in the Houston area. 3/31/16 Houston, Texas n/a
Door is a Jar Magazine max 2 pgs New, unpublished works only. 4/1/16 n/a n/a
Fade to Black Play Fest max 10 mins Any theme & subject. Must be written by an African American playwright. 4/1/16 Houston, Texas N/a
Grace InFused Theatre Fest Any length Plays focusing on the Gospel message. Travel assistance available to out-of-state applicants. 4/1/16 Columbus, Ohio Fee: $20. Cash prize
Historic Elitch Theatre Full Length Musicals & non-musicals ok. Women playwrights encouraged. 4/1/16 Denver, Colorado Fee: $35
Page 73 Develop Programs 10 pgs (sample) Early-career playwrights who have completed at least 2-3 plays. 4/1/16 Brooklyn, New York Award: $10,000
South Baldwin Comm Theatre max 10 mins Plays should be appropriate for a family-friendly theatre. 4/1/16 Gulf Shores, Alabama Prize: $100
Univ of NH 60+ mins Plays that focus on a culture other than the US. Any style, including musical. 4/1/16 Durham, New Hampshire Prize: $5,000
Pittsburgh New Works Fest One Act
(max 40 mins)
Unproduced plays only. Submission fee is $10 if submitted before March 1, 2016; $15 after. 4/3/16 Pittsburgh, PA Fee: See left
Prize: $500


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