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Howdy, friends.í‚  This month’s installment of 63(!) playwright submissions w/ January (and late Dec) deadlines is downright insane.í‚  Make your new year’s resolution to be to devote more time and energy to your personal goals, and get busy making 2015 your best year yet!í‚  In both playwriting and beyond.í‚  Now, you may have noticed something odd, so pleaseí‚  listen up for a quick sec:

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Length Play Genre(s) Accepted Deadline Location Add’l Info
Almost Random Theatre max 10 mins Theme: Valentine. Open to everyone. 12/25/14 Oxford, UK n/a
Yet 2 Evolve Productions max 1hr. 45mins Theme: Present Political/Controversial Issues. It appears that playwright must direct. 12/28/14 New York City, New York Fee: $12
Lost Theatre less than 5 mins International submissions ok. Either the writer, director or cast must be under 27 yrs old. 12/28/14 London Fee: í‚£10
Prize: í‚£100
Fisher Taylor-Gaunt Productions 30 mins Musicals only. UK residents only. 12/28/14 London n/a

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12/31/14 Cape Cod, Mass n/a
Theatre Co 12/31/14 Buffalo, New York Prize: $20
Playwriting Award 12/31/14 Tucson, Arizona Prize: $1,000
Community Theatre 12/31/14 Coldwater, Michigan Prize: $200
Theater Festival 12/31/14 St. Louis, Missouri n/a
Playhouse 12/31/14 Jennerstown PA Prize: $1,000
Pulitzer Prize in Drama Full Length US authors only. Must have been produced & opened in 2014. 12/31/14 New York City, New York Fee: $50
Prize: $10,000
The Colonial Players Full Length, One Act Playwrights must reside in states descendent from the original 13 colonies (includes NY, Philly, & DC). 12/31/14 Annapolis, Maryland Prize: $1,000
StageQ: max 15 mins Seeks short plays & musicals. 12/31/14 Madison, Wisconsin n/a
Ithaca Fringe Festival 45-75 mins Any genre.í‚  Playwright must produce. 12/31/14 Ithaca, New York Fee: $35.í‚  Prize: ticket sales.
Carabosse Theatre & Prod Co 5-20 mins Submissions can be í¢â‚¬Ëœworks in progressí¢â‚¬â„¢ or scenes from a longer play. 12/31/14 Milton Keynes, UK n/a
Green Light Productions 10 mins Women playwrights only. Must reside in the Greater LA area. 12/31/14 Santa Monica, California No Fee
Palm Beach Dramaworks Full Length Nationwide submissions if agented work. Otherwise, FL only. (Yes, you get a list of playwriting agents w/ a full PSH subscription!) 12/31/14 West Palm Beach, Florida n/a
North Wall Arts Centre max 10 pgs 2-week residency 12/31/14 Oxford n/a
The Seven Dictators 20-35 pgs Plays with a three-act structure using seven characters of dictators that existed/still exist in the 21st Century. 1/1/15 New York City, New York n/a
City Theatre 10-15 mins Theme: í¢â‚¬Å“Reunioní¢â‚¬. Plays will be accepted beginning 1/1/15. First 85 submissions accepted. See left Missouri n/a
The Renaissance Guild One Act
(5-30 mins)
Prefers plays with fewer technical requirements/demands 1/1/15 San Antonio, Texas n/a
Kitchen Dog Theater 60+ mins No restrictions on play content. 1/1/15 Dallas, Texas n/a
Little Black Dress INK max 10 mins Theme: “Outside the Lines” 1/1/15 Prescott n/a
Touch Me Philly Prods 5-30 mins Theme: Street Harassment & Rape Culture 1/1/15 Philadelphia, PA n/a
Midtown Interní¢â‚¬â„¢l Theatre Fest 30-60 mins Playwrights must produce. Any subject matter okay, including musicals. 1/1/15 New York City, New York Partic Fee: $100
Latina/o Theatre Commons Full Length Latina/o playwrights only; must be US residents. English & Spanish. Small-scale musicals ok as well as solo pieces & TYA. 1/1/15 Chicago, Illinois n/a
Young Playwrights Inc Any length US citizens/residents 18 & below. 1/2/15 New York City, New York n/a
Kumu Kahua Theatre: Hawaií¢â‚¬Ëœi Prize Full Length (min 50 pgs) Residents & non-residents of Hawaií¢â‚¬Ëœi. The play must be set in Hawaií¢â‚¬Ëœi or deal with some aspect of the Hawaií¢â‚¬Ëœi experience. 1/2/15 Honolulu, Hawaii Prize: $600
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1/2/15 Honolulu, Hawaii Prize: $450
Theater Group 1/5/15 Los Angeles, California Fee: $20
Prize: $5,000
Theatre 1/5/15 Laurel, Maryland First sub is free; $10 for each addí¢â‚¬â„¢l
Fringe Fest 1/5/15 San Rafael, California Fee: $15
Festival 1/6/15 Washington, DC Prize: $100
Yale Institute for Music Theatre N/S Recent grads, or current grad students. í¢â‚¬Å“Accepts apps for projects at various stages of development.í¢â‚¬ 1/7/15 New Haven, Conn


Prize: $1,000

King’s Theatre 10 mins Open to anyone. Any genre. 1/9/15 Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia Fee: $10
Prize: $200
Bill Broyles Award Full Length Theme: U.S. Marine Corps. 1/9/15 Dumfries, Virginia Prize: $1,000
Village Playwrights 10 mins NYC metro areas playwrights only. Theme: LGBTQ romance 1/9/15 New York City, New York n/a
Bare Fiction Mag 10 pgs For March 2015 issue; lit magazine 1/11/15 Shrewsbyry, Shropshire n/a
Fund for Emerging Women Writers Full Length Emerging women playwrights. International submissions ok. 1/12/15 New York City, New York Prize: $1,000 + $700 for travel & accom
Santa Fe Musical Theatre Fest Full Length Musicals only. 1/14/15 Santa Fe, New Mexico Fee: $35
Ashland New Plays Festival 90í¢â‚¬120 mins Dramas or comedies. 1/15/15 Ashland, Oregon Fee: $15
Artemisia Theatre 90+ mins Plays must be carried by a woman; must have a leading, female protagonist. 1/15/15 Chicago, Illinois Fee: $10
Jacksonville State Univ Full Length Southern US residents. Plays must deal with the Southern experience. 1/15/15 Jacksonville, Alabama Prize: $1,000
Premiere Stages Play Fest Full Length Playwrights born or currently residing in NY, NJ, PA, or CT. 1/15/15 Union, New Jersey No Fee
Prize: $2000
The David Ross Fetzer Foundation Full Length 35 years of age max. Week-long residency + staged reading. 1/15/15 Salt Lake City, Utah Travel + Accom
Long Island Theatre Collective Any length Plays with themes that are relevant to Long Island audiences. 1/15/15 Long Island, New York n/a
Virginia Center for the Creative Arts N/S Residency of up to 2 months. 1/15/15 Amherst, Virginia Fee: $40
Centre Stage SC 60-120 pgs Open to any playwright. 1/15/15 Greenville, South Carolina Fee: $15
Boiling Point Players max 20 mins Theme: í¢â‚¬Å“Get Lucky.í¢â‚¬ Female-driven one-acts, sketches and/or monologues. The characters do not have to be female. 1/15/15 Houston, Texas n/a
3Girls Theatre Company 5-8 mins Lesbian, bi, trans playwrights from the Bay Area. Comedy. Theme: LBT life experiences/romance………….. 1/15/15 Berkeley, California n/a
MacDowell Fellowship Full Length 1-8 week residency. (No residency fees). 1/15/15 Peterboro, New Hampshire Fee: $30
Indie Boots Theatre Festival max 15 mins All plays must use the word “Ella” in the title. 1/15/15 Chicago, Illinois í‚ “Award”
Jewel Box Theatre Full Length Plays should be of a strong ensemble nature with emphasis on character rather than spectacle. 1/16/15 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Fee: $5
Prize: $750
Cary Playwrights’ Forum 10 mins Plays that highlight current social, political, & ethical issues. 1/30/15 Cary, North Carolina Prize: $100
Royal Court Theatre Full Length Playwriting residency. Internatí¢â‚¬â„¢l submissions ok. 1/30/15 London Prize: All travel + accomm.
Gadfly Theatre Prods max 45 mins Theme: Horror! Scripts should contain queer and/or feminist themes in a horror genre. 1/31/15 Minneapolis, Minnesota n/a
Geva Theatre Center Full Length Translations & adaptations ok. 1/31/15 Rochester, New York n/a
Toowoomba Repertory Theatre 30-45 mins Australian or from overseas. No restrictions on subject matter, theme or style. 1/31/15 Australia Fee: $30 (AUS)
Prize: $2000 (AUS)
Sea Change Theatre Co Full Length, One Act Submissions may be in any form. 1/31/15 Beverly, Mass Fee: $10
Prize: $100
Drip Action Theatre 30-40 mins UK & non-UK writers. 1/31/15 West Sussex, UK No Fee
Prize: í‚£250

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1/31/15 Dubuque, Iowa Fee: $15/20
Prize: $600
Theatre 1/31/15 Las Vegas, Nevada Prize: $150
Theatre 1/31/15 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Fee: $10