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What was your New Years resolution?í‚  Why not commit to submitting your plays at least once every month in 2016??í‚  You could accomplish this in a grand total of 12 afternoons throughout the year, so get started pronto!


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Name Length Nature of Opportunity Deadline Location Additional Info
Jack Studio Theatre 10 mins Open to all. Playwrights don’t need to have a connection to south east London. 1/29/16 London n/a
Funky Little Theater Co. One Act
(max 15 mins)
Plays focusing on issues surrounding, embracing or showcasing individuals of the LGBT community. 1/29/16 Colorado Springs No Fee
Prize: $100
Ars Nova max 90 mins Playwrights must produce. Interested in shows that haven’t yet premiered in New York. 1/31/16 NYC $150 production stipend
BBC 53 mins Radio plays. Any subject. Open only to writers living outside the UK. 1/31/16 London Prize: í‚£2200 + trip to London
Cape Cod Community College Any length Unpublished, original plays in any genre. Prefers writers in the New England area. 1/31/16 West Barnstable, MA No Fee
DePaul University n/a Job opp – Adjunct Faculty in Theatre Arts & Dramaturgy/Criticism, Playwriting, Theatre Management 1/31/16 Chicago, Illinois n/a
Drip Action Theatre 30-40 mins Int’l submissions ok. Hard copy submissions only. 1/31/16 Arundel, UK No Fee
Prize: í‚£150, í‚£250
Hugh Gregory Gallagher Theatre Full Length Plays about disability and discrimination. 1/31/16 Easton, Maryland Prize: $500 or more
Lama Theater Co. max 8 pgs Scripts must be related to the question: WHY THEATER? Int’l submissions ok. 1/31/16 NYC n/a
Lincoln County High School 10-20 mins Short works that center around stage combat. Must be appropriate for a high school theatre. 1/31/16 Hamlin, West Virginia n/a
Marble Collegiate Church 10 mins,
One Act
Hard copy submissions only. 1/31/16 NYC n/a
Midland Comm Theatre Full Length New comedy scripts suitable for production in community theatre. 1/31/16 Midland, Texas Fee: $10
Theatre Workshop of O’boro One Act
(15-45 mins)
Plays must be original, copyright free and unpublished. First 200 submissions only. 1/31/16 O’sboro, Kentucky Fee: $15
Prize: $400
The ArtsCenter 10 mins Thought-provoking plays, humorous or serious or anywhere in between. 1/31/16 Carrboro, North Carolina Prize: $100 + $100 travel stipend
T’woomba Repertory Theatre One Act
(30-45 mins)
Any subject matter, theme or style. Int’l submissions ok – $45 submission fee. 1/31/16 Australia Fee: $30/$45
Prize: $3,000
Blue Mountain Center max 30 pgs Month-long residency. Apps from playwrights accepted. 2/1/16 Blue Mountain Lake, New York Fee: $25
Fresh Fruit Festival Any length Plays that highlight or showcase a spectrum of the LGBTQ experience. Playwrights must produce. 2/1/16 NYC No Fee
HRC Showcase Theatre Full Length
(max 90 mins)
New, aspiring or established playwrights. Unpublished plays only. 2/1/16 Hudson, New York Fee: $10
Prize: $500
Khaos Company Theatre 5 pgs or 5 mins
(see right)
5-page or 5-min excerpt of a full-length play. 2/1/16 Ind’polis, Indiana n/a
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Minnesota Shorts Play Festival max 10 pgs National submissions. US playwrights only. 2/1/16 MN Prize: $100
On The Air Radio Players 15-25 mins Scripts written in the style of old-time radio. Good roles for females. Family-friendly. 2/1/16 Henrico, Virginia Prize: $50
Road Less Traveled Productions Full Length
(65+ mins)
10-month residency, culminating in two staged readings. Open to US residents living outside of Western New York. 2/1/16 Buffalo, New York Fee: $20, $10 for Dram Guild members
Something Marvelous One Act,
Full Length
Magical realism. 2/1/16 Chicago, Illinois n/a
US-Japan Creative Artists Program Full Length US citizens or permanent residents only. Apps from playwrights and librettists accepted. 2/1/16 Was, D.C. $24,000
College of Charleston Full Length Unpublished and unproduced plays. Hard copy submissions only. 2/5/16 Ch’leston, South Carolina Fee: $10
Prize: $400
Nylon Fusion Theatre Co. 10 mins Theme: Connecting/ Disconnecting – digital world, technology 2/5/16 NYC n/a
Manhattan Repertory Theatre

One Act

(7-25 mins)

Unproduced original plays (cast, directed & ready to perform). Tri-state area playwrights only. 2/6/16 NYC No Fee
Jenny Magazine 4-10 mins Any subject 2/7/16 n/a n/a
Durango Arts Center max 10 pgs Original, unproduced plays only. 2/12/16 Durango, Colorado Fee: $10
Prize: $500
Samuel French OOB Festival max 30 mins Plays or musicals. Playwrights must produce. 2/12/16 NYC Fee: $10
Watermelon Inc. One Act
(10-65 mins)
Original and unpublished works only. 2/14/16 St. Maryí¢â‚¬â„¢s City, Maryland $100 fee only if selected, í¢â‚¬Å“cash prizesí¢â‚¬
Eclectic Company Theatre One Act
(5-25 mins)
Must be based on a well-known fairy tale. Must have a steampunk element. 2/15/16 Los Angeles, California Stipend of $25 + 4 tix
Flathead Valley Community College max 10 mins Original, unpublished plays. Previously performed plays ok. 2/15/16 Kalispell, Montana No Fee
Prize: $100
Theatre Oxford max 10 pgs Original plays, never before produced. Hard copy submissions only. 2/15/16 Oxford, MS Fee: $10
Prize: $1,000
Tofte Lake Center n/s 1-week residency. Open to residents of Minnesota or NYC. 2/15/16 Ely, Minnesota hon’rium + travel stipend
Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild max 40 pgs (sample) 4-week residency. $650 residency fee, but financial aids available. Apps from playwrights accepted. 2/15/16 W’stock, New York Fee: $40
Manhattan Repertory Theatre

One Act

(7-20 mins)

Fully-produced plays (cast, directed & ready to perform). 2/19/16 NYC

Fee: $155 once accepted

Prize: 1,000

The Kennedy Center 500 words or less Theme: President Kennedyí¢â‚¬â„¢s legacy. Must respond to the call, í¢â‚¬Å“Ask not what your country can do for you í¢â‚¬“ ask what you can do for your country.í¢â‚¬ 2/19/16 Was., D.C. Prize: $500
Manhattan Reading Competition 20-60 mins Plays or musicals. Playwrights must produce. Entire cast must be from NYC. All genres of shows are welcome. 2/21/16 NYC No Fee
Prize: $1,000
Midtown Intí¢â‚¬â„¢l Theatre Festival 30-60 mins Plays or musicals. Any genre. Easy to produce in a no-frills festival. 2/22/16 NYC n/a
Lunchbox Theatre One Act
(50-55 mins)
Open to anyone. Hard copy submissions only. 2/26/16 Calgary, Canada n/a

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Midtown Intí¢â‚¬â„¢l Theatre Festival max 10 mins Playwrights must produce. 2/27/16 NYC Prize: $75
Beverly Hills Theatre Guild 45-75 mins Plays suitable for grades 6-12. Adaptations and translations ok. Hardcopy submissions only. 2/28/16 Beverly Hills, California No Fee
Prize: $1,200
Can Serrat 3 pgs (sample) 2-month residency. Intí¢â‚¬â„¢l submissions ok. Apps from playwrights accepted. 2/28/16 Barcelona, Spain No Fee
Creede Repertory Theatre Full Length New plays set in the western US or from playwrights originally from the West. Female playwrights encouraged. 2/28/16 Creede, Colorado n/a
The New American Theatre One Act
(max 25 mins)
Plays which have not been previously produced in LA. 2/28/16 Culver City, California No Fee
Atlanta Fringe Festival 15-45 mins Audio plays only. There will be a í¢â‚¬Å“cash prize.í¢â‚¬ Note: App fee deadline extended to Feb 29th. 2/29/16 Atlanta, Georgia Fee: $20
Carrollwood Players max 15 mins Scripts must be original, unpublished and unproduced. 2/29/16 Tampa, Florida Fee: $5
Humanitas Prize two 10-page samples Los Angeles-based playwrights only. 2/29/16 Culver City, California $1,500 stipend
Anderson Center n/s 2-4 weeks residency. Open to emerging artists from NYC and Minnesota. 3/1/16 Red Wing, Minnesota n/a
ATHE Jane Chambers Playwriting Award Full Length Plays written by women playwrights that present a feminist perspective and contain significant opportunities for female performers. 3/1/16 Was., D.C. No Fee
Prize: $1000
Bloomington Playwrights Project Full Length
(75-135 mins)
Unpublished plays only. Musicals ok. Fee waived for Dramatist Guild members. Hard copy submissions only. 3/1/16 Bloom’ton, Indiana Fee: $10
East Valley Childrení¢â‚¬â„¢s Theatre 1hr -1.5hr Plays must be suitable for children to perform for children. Musicals ok. 3/1/16 Mesa, Arizona No Fee
Prize: $500
Golden Thread Productions 10-30 mins Playwrights of Middle Eastern heritage OR playwrights of all backgrounds writing about the Middle East. 3/1/16 San Francisco, California n/a
Indie Boots Theatre Festival max 15 mins All plays must use the word í¢â‚¬Å“Avaí¢â‚¬ in the title. All genres ok. 3/1/16 Chicago, Illinois No Fee
Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts See right. 2-8 weeks residency. Submit up to 2 one-act plays, or 2 excerpts from a longer work. 3/1/16 Nebraska City, Nebraska Fee: $35
Neil Simon Festival Full Length
(80-120 mins)
Character-driven American comedy, original and unproduced. Musicals ok. 3/1/16 Cedar City, Utah Fee: $25 or
$55 (with critique)
Orlando Shakespeare Theater Full Length Plays about the social issues that affect our lives today. Comedies and dramas ok. One-man or one-woman shows ok………………………………. 3/1/16 Orlando, Florida stipend, travel, and housing
PLAYA Full Length 2 – 8-week residency. Apps from playwrights accepted. 3/1/16 Summer Lake, Oregon Fee: $35
Princeton Theatre Group One Act,
10 mins
Int’l submissions ok. Comedy, drama, tragedy, farce, hybrid; theatrical storytelling. Any theme and subject. 3/1/16 Princeton, Illinois No Fee, No Cash Prizes
Theatre Harrisburg Full Length Original works with no previous commercial production. Musicals ok. 3/1/16 Harrisburg, PA Fee: $15
Prize: $500
Theatre Southwest 20 mins Any subject or theme. All genres ok. Must be previously unpublished & unproduced in the Houston area. 3/1/16 Houston, Texas n/a
Ucross Foundation Full Length 2-6 weeks residency. Apps from playwrights accepted. 3/1/16 Ucross, Wyoming Fee: $40
Theatre Suburbia 90-120 mins Family-friendly mellerdrammer. 3/1/16 Houston, Texas n/a
The Road Theatre Company 10 mins, One Act, Full Length New & established playwrights encouraged to submit. Solo pieces & musicals ok. 3/1/16 Los Angeles, California n/a
Trustus Theatre Full Length Comedies and dramas on any topic, with no previous professional productions. 3/1/16 Columbia, South Carolina Prize: $250, $500

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