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NameLengthNature of OpportunityDeadlineLocationAdditional Info
365 Women A YearOne ActWrite a play about any of 365 historical women listed on website. Any genre.12/31/15n/an/a
Arizona Theatre CompanyFull Length,
One Act
Latino playwrights.12/31/15Tucson, Arizonan/a
Branch County Community TheatreFull LengthPlays and musicals. Childrení¢â‚¬â„¢s plays accepted. Hard copy submissions í‚­í‚­only.12/31/15Coldwater, MichiganPrize: $200
Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festmax 60 minsMusicals only. Playwrights must produce.12/31/15Auburn, New YorkFee: $25
Gallery Players10 mins – Full LengthPlays must be un-produced. Readings ok. Hard copy submissions only.12/31/15NYCn/a
Hope and OptimismFull LengthAll genres accepted, including musicals.12/31/15Ithaca, New YorkPrize: $10,000
Las Vegas Little TheatreFull LengthPlays that will appeal to an age range of 18 í¢â‚¬“ 30.12/31/15Las Vegas, NevadaPrize: $150
Metropolitan PlayhouseOne ActTheme: “Hope” as it relates to current/past life in NYCí¢â‚¬â„¢s East Village.12/31/15NYCn/a
Mountain PlayhouseFull LengthComedy. Must be a world premiere candidate. Hard copy submissions only.12/31/15Jennerstown, PennsylvaniaPrize: $1,000
Perf Network TheatreFull LengthTYAs, holiday plays, and plays about Michigan people, places, or things.12/31/15Ann Arbor, Michigann/a
Pulitzer Prize in DramaFull LengthPlays dealing with American life. See Drama Guidelines.12/31/15NYCFee: $50
Prize: $10,000
St. Louis Actorsí¢â‚¬â„¢ StudioOne Act
(max 45 mins)
Unproduced plays. Also accepts submissions by high school students, 15 mins max. Hard copy submissions only.12/31/15St. Louis, Missourin/a
TheaterOne Act


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Prize: $100
TheaterOne ActFee: $25
Prize: $200
Theater20-45 minsn/a
Production Co75-100 mins“small honorarium”
10-min Play Fest10 minutesN/a
UniversityFull Length$500 travel & lodging
UniversityFull LengthPrize: $2,000
Theater Comax 8 pgsn/a
TheaterFull LengthPrize: $600
TheaterFull LengthN/a
Cultural Center5 minsNo Fee
City Theatre of I’pendence10-15 minsTheme: í¢â‚¬Å“The Road Not Takení¢â‚¬1/8/16I’pendence, MissouriNo Fee
King’s Theatremax 10 minsOpen to anybody. Any genre. Hard copy submissions only.1/8/16Nova Scotia, CanadaFee: $10
Prize: $200
The Marine Corps Heritage FoundationFull LengthPlays dealing with U.S. Marine Corps.1/8/16Dumfries, VirginiaPrize:$1,000
Bare Fiction Magazine15 minsSubmissions must not have been previously published in print or online.1/9/16Shrewsbury, UKn/a
Leah Ryan’s Fund for Women WritersFull LengthEmerging women playwrights only.1/11/16NYCPrize: $2,500
Artemisia TheatreFull LengthLeading character must be a woman.1/15/16Chicago, IllinoisFee: $10
Bogliasco FellowshipsFull Length30 to 34-day residency. Apps from playwrights accepted.1/15/16Bogliasco, ItalyFee: $30
Centre Stage60-120 pgsOpen to any playwright. Plays must be unpublished and unperformed.1/15/16Greenville, South CarolinaFee: $15
Prize: $500
Forward Theater Company2-10 minsMonologues only. Theme: Someone’s Gotta Do It…………………………………1/15/16Madison, Wisconsinn/a
Ithaca Fringe Festival45-75 minsPlaywright must produce, gets 100% of the box office.1/15/16Ithaca, New YorkFee: $25
Jewel Box TheatreFull LengthUnproduced plays. First 150 scripts only. Hard copy submissions only.1/15/16Oklahoma City, OklahomaFee: $5
Prize: $750
TheaterFull Length

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FellowshipFull Length
Lit Magmax 8000 words
InstituteFull Length
FellowshipFull Length
Book Publisher2 mins
Smith and Kraus Book5 minsPreviously produced plays ok.1/20/16n/an/a
Funky Little Theater CoOne Act
(max 15 mins)
Plays focusing on LGBT issues.1/29/16Co Springs, COPrize: $100
Jack Studio Theatre10 minsOpen to all.1/29/16Londonn/a
Lunchbox TheatreOne Act
(50 mins)
Comedies, musicals, etc. Open to anyone. Hard copy submissions only.1/29/16Calgary, Canadan/a
BBC53 minsRadio plays. Any subject. Intí¢â‚¬â„¢l submissions ok.1/31/16LondonPrize: í‚£2200 + travel
DePaul Univn/aJob opp – Adjunct Facultyn/sChicago, Illinoisn/a
Drip Action Theatre30-40 minsInt’l submissions ok. Hard copy submissions only.1/31/16Arundel, UKNo Fee
Prize: í‚£250
Hugh Gallagher TheatreFull LengthPlays about disability and discrimination.1/31/16Easton, MarylandPrize: $500+
Marble Collegiate Church10 mins, One ActHard copy submissions only.1/31/16NYCn/a
Midland Community TheatreFull LengthNew comedy scripts suitable for production in community theatre.1/31/16Midland, TexasFee: $10
The ArtsCenter10 minsThought-provoking plays, humorous or serious or anywhere in between.1/31/16Carrboro, North CarolinaPrize: $100 + $100 travel stipend
Toowoomba Rep TheatreOne Act
(30-45 mins)
Int’l submissions ok.1/31/16Queensland, AustraliaFee: $45
Prize: $3,000
10 by 1010 mins10-minute play festival1/31/16Durham, NC$100, plus hotel
Blue Mountain Ctrmax 30 pgsMonth-long residency. Apps from playwrights accepted.2/1/16Blue Mountain Lake, New YorkFee: $25
Fresh Fruit FestAny lengthTheme: LGBTQ experience. Playwright must produce.2/1/16NYCN/a
HRC Showcase TheatreFull Length
(max 90 mins)
New, aspiring or established playwrights.2/1/16Hudson, New YorkFee: $10
Prize: $500
Khaos Company Theatre5 mins
(see right)
Submissions must be a 5-page or 5-min excerpt of a full-length play.2/1/16Indianapolis, Indianan/a
Minnesota Shorts Play Festivalmax 10 pgsUS playwrights only.2/1/16MinnesotaPrize: $100
On The Air Radio Players15-25 minsScripts written in the style of old-time radio, w/ good roles for females. Family-friendly.2/1/16Henrico, VirginiaPrize: $50
Road Less Traveled ProdsFull Length
(65+ mins)
10-month residency, w/ 2 staged readings. US residents living outside of Western NY.2/1/16Buffalo, New YorkFee: $20, $10 for DG member
Opp w/ Federal Gov’t

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Grant: $24,000
CollegeFee: $10
Prize: $400 + travel
Theater Con/a


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