I know how easy it is to get frustrated with the playwriting & play production process.

You look up to your heroes, people like Tennessee Williams, Tracy Letts, and Anton Chekhov…

…and it’s easy to feel like a failure in comparison.

After all, they’ve written some of the most beautiful and moving plays in history!

But they also spent years working and honing their craft before they received even a shred of recognition.

For example, did you know that Tennessee Williams spent years as an obscure playwright before finally becoming famous for “The Glass Menagerie”?

It took him over 13 years of hard work struggle (including several menial jobs such as serving as caretaker on a chicken ranch) before he gained any recognition as a playwright.

Now let me ask you: would you have the dedication to continue working on your craft for that long?

For 13 years? Working as a chicken ranch caretaker in the meantime?

Most playwrights would give up long before it came to that.

And the problem, as I mentioned, is that most playwrights fail to look at the big picture.

They look at a writer like Williams and they assume that they’re a failure by comparison…

…without realizing just how much hard work came before before his success.

The moral of this little story, as always, boils down to one simple suggestion that I pray you take to heart:

Keep writing. Stay true to your passion. Don’t give up!

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