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Writing and submitting 10-minute plays are great ways for new playwrights to get a start in the playwriting world, or for more seasoned playwrights to try out something new.

Check out below to find your 10-minute play submissions opps for 2022!

Name Length Nature of Opportunity Deadline Location Add’l Info
Fairy Tale Review max 10 pages Queer fairy tales written by queer writers. Accepts drama submissions. June n/a n/a
North Park Playwright Festival max 12 pages Int’l submissions ok. New works. Any subject matter. NO nudity or off color humor. June San Diego, California No Fee
Trans [Plays] of Remembrance Festival 10 mins Plays by members of the transgender community. The plays should be able to be performed digitally over Zoom. Theme: Transgender Day of Remembrance August Athens, Ohio $30 royalty
Ten-Minute Musicals Project 7-20 mins Musicals. Previously produced works are acceptable, as are excerpts from full-length shows if they can stand up on their own. Any musical style or theatrical format. Max of 10 performers, 5 women and 5 men. Int’l submissions ok. August West Hollywood, California $250 royalty advance
City Theatre max 10 pages Scripts that are lively and timely, hilarious and provocative, poignant and surprising. Bilingual scripts and 10-min musicals ok. September Miami, Florida Prize: $1,000 + royalties
Weathervane Playhouse max 10 mins The play must include an umbrella — a prop that must be incorporated into the play. October Akron, Ohio Fee: $10
Prize: $500
Lake Shore Center for the Arts One Act
(9-11 mins)
Int’l submissions ok. Plays must be unpublished, with  3 or fewer productions, excluding readings, self-productions, and/or contest productions. Comedy & drama, including mystery, thriller, monologue, etc. December Westfield, New York Fee: $10
Fresh Words One Act
(max 15 pages)
Publication opp. Plays accepted. Year Round n/a n/a
Poor Mouth Theatre Company max 10 mins Open to all playwrights. Interested in any and all subject matter. The play must be original and should not have been performed before in the New York area. Playwrights must produce. Year Round Bronx, New York n/a
Tusculum Review 10 mins / 10 pages Publication opp. Plays accepted. Works in experimental & traditional modes. Only accepts work that has not been previously published, electronically or in print. Year Round n/a Fee: $2
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