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Howdy, Playwrights!  Here’s a list of 30 play submission opportunities with February 2020 deadlines. This is just a small sample of what is in our mega-list available to paid members.  Join now to get access to 75 play submissions opportunities that close in February!

Name Length Nature of Opportunity Deadline Location Add’l Info
Heartland Theatre Company max 10 mins Open to all playwrights. New plays, unproduced. Theme: THE CAMPOUT 2/1/20 Bloomington, Illinois n/a
HRC Showcase Theatre Full Length New, aspiring or established playwrights. The play must be previously unpublished. 2/1/20 Hudson, New York Fee: $10
Prize: $500
Science Fiction Theatre Festival max 15 mins Science fiction plays. Int’l submissions ok. 2/1/20 London n/a
Lambda Literary n/a One-week writer’s workshop and residency for LGBTQ writers. Includes playwriting workshop. 2/2/20 Los Angeles, California App Fee: $25
The Drama Workshop max 10 mins Plays may be on any topic. Must be unpublished and unproduced in the Greater Cincinnati area. Previous public readings/workshops are allowed. Playwrights must live within 100 miles of Cincinnati. 2/2/20 Cheviot, Ohio “small honorarium”
Kairos Italy Theater 10 mins Female & female identifying playwrights writing comedy. The play can be written in Italian, English, Spanish, Turkish, French, Portuguese, Polish, Greek & Urdu language. 2/10/20 NYC n/a
Water House Collective 10 pages (sample) Seeking writers to participate in a 6-month long writers’ group, which will culminate in a reading and/or performance of developed works. The works must fall within the boundaries of Water House’s mission to produce Queer Mythos Theatre. 2/10/20 NYC n/a
Violet Surprise max 10 pages Plays that showcase Sapphic superheroines. Open to playwrights who identify as female, trans, or non-binary. No website. Send your scripts in PDF format to with “Violet Surprise” in the subject line. Playwrights may submit up to 2 scripts. 2/13/20 Chicago n/a
Ain’t I A Woman Playfest 10-12 pages Original, unpublished, and unproduced play written by a woman-of-color playwright. Transgender or gender-queer women encouraged to submit. 2/14/20 Louisville, Kentucky n/a
TheatreWorks max 10 mins Playwrights are responsible for the production of their plays. 2/14/20 New Milford, Connecticut “cash prize”
Watermelon One-Act Festival 10-45 mins Original and unpublished one-act plays. More than $1,000 total cash prize. 2/14/20 St. Mary’s City, Maryland Fee: $100 if selected
East Valley Children’s Theatre 60-90 mins Plays & musicals suitable for children to perform & for an audience of children. Must not have been previously performed. Must be original & unpublished. 2/15/20 Mesa, Arizona No Fee
Prize: $500
New Light Theater Project Full Length Playwrights must be NYC-based. Original, unpublished and unproduced plays. 2/15/20 NYC No Fee
Prize: $1000
Talk Back Theatre Full Length Plays that highlight inter-generational relationships. The topic is intentionally open — it might mean plays about youthful rebellion against authority, adult children engaging with aging parents, unique perspectives on the millennial or gen-z vs. baby boomer mentality, etc. 2/15/20 Santa Ana, California “small cash prize”
Whiskey Radio Hour 10 mins New radio plays from persons of color, female-identifying and/or nonbinary playwrights. Any genre. 2/16/20 Chicago n/a
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Artists in Partnership 10-30 mins The play must be original and unpublished. Comedies or dramas (or in between), or monologues. Playwrights may self-produce. 2/17/20 Long Beach, New York $100 fee if accepted
Punching LaBute max 10 mins Womxn writers. Looking for short plays and monologues. LGBTQA+ writers and writers of color strongly encouraged to submit. *Works that metaphorically punches misogyny in the face. It’s about womxn flipping problematic work (like Neil LaBute’s) on its head, and reclaiming the narrative. 2/22/20 Chicago n/a
Capital Stage Full Length Bold, thought-provoking works. Any genre. 2/28/20 Sacramento, California n/a
Project Y Theatre 30 mins – Full Length Seeking productions of plays that are written by a female identifying playwright and that feature more than 50% female-identifying characters. An ideal play for the Festival is either: 1) A one person show, ready for a crowd 2) A new/developing work multi-character project that would be able to take advantage of a night in the space. 3) A festival-ready show 2/28/20 NYC n/a
Throughline Artists 20-30 mins Plays cannot have been previously produced in New York or published. Open to writers living in the tri-state area. 2/28/20 NYC n/a
Durango Arts Center max 10 pages Only original plays, never before produced or published, are eligible. 2/29/20 Durango, Colorado Fee: $12
Prize: $500
Nomad Theatre Company 5-30 mins Theme: “On the Road.” Plays that take place in a gas station, a rest stop, a stop on the side of the road, a garage, etc.  2/29/20 Normal, Illinois n/a
Playwrights’ Round Table max 10 mins
(8-12 pages)
Plays must be unpublished, with three or fewer productions. Staged reading and workshops do not count as productions. Theme: “Science Fiction Summer.” Plays that are speculative, strange, futuristic, and/or technological. No website. Plays should be sent to 2/29/20 Orlando, Florida $25 stipend
Rapture Theatre max 10 mins The show must contain a ‘holiday’ theme. Must not have been previously produced in the state of Indiana. Playwright must currently reside in the state of Indiana. All plays selected will receive $25 in payment. 2/29/20 Indianapolis, Indiana No Fee
The New American Theatre One Act
(max 15 mins)
Int’l submissions ok. The plays must not have been previously produced in Los Angeles, CA. 2/29/20 Culver City, California Fee: $15
Theatre Workshop of Owensboro One Act
(max 20 pages)
Scripts must not have been published (other than by the playwright) or performed (other than staged readings). Any topic or genre. No restrictions on language or content. 2/29/20 Owensboro, Kentucky Fee: $20
Prize: $500
FORGE Fuel “sample” Writers retreat. Open to writers of all kinds, including playwrights. Year Round Danbury, Connecticut Fee: $80
Panglossian Productions 10 mins Biweekly podcast that showcases short new plays. Year Round Williamsburg, Virginia n/a
Playwrights Offering Free Feedback Full Length Full-length trade program. You must read a play and give feedback, and in return will have an opp to send a play and get feedback from other playwright. Year Round n/a n/a
Trade A Play Tuesday 10 mins Send in 10-min play and get same-day feedback. You must also read 10 pages of another playwright’s work, and give thoughtful feedback. Runs every Tuesday. Year Round n/a n/a
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