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Howdy, Playwrights!   Here’s a list of 35 play submission opps with November+ 2023 deadlines.

Name Length Nature of Opportunity Deadline Location Add’l Info
Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble 10 mins No restrictions on theme or tone of the plays. Any genre. 10/31/23 California n/a
American Academy of Arts and Letters Full Length Musicals. US citizens or permanent residents only. 11/1/23 NYC n/a
Community College of Baltimore County 1-40 mins Comedies that incorporate a vanity with a mirror. 11/1/23 Baltimore, Maryland n/a
Foglifter max 20 pages Publication opp. LGBTQ+ writers. Accepts drama submissions. 11/1/23 n/a $50 honorarium
Golden Antelope Press 20 pages (sample) Publication opp. Plays accepted. 11/1/23 n/a n/a
New Art City Theatre Full Length, One Act Comedies, dramas, musicals. 11/1/23 Ventura, California Fee: $25
New England Review max 5,000 words Publication opp. Short plays and monologues. 11/1/23 Middlebury, Vermont n/a
Over Our Head Players max 10 mins Comedies. Open to everyone w/o age or geographic restriction. 11/1/23 Racine, Wisconsin Prize: $300
Premiere Stages at KEAN Full Length Playwrights must have strong affiliations with the greater metropolitan area. Please see non-agent submissions. 11/1/23 Union, New Jersey Prize: $3,000
SPELLBINDER max 5 pages Publication opp. Drama accepted. Play extracts and monologues are welcome. 11/1/23 n/a £3 honorarium
Chain Theatre 10-60 mins All themes or genres are welcome. 11/7/23 NYC No Fee
Red Eye Theater 10-15 mins Development opp. Artists working in all performance disciplines are welcome to apply. 11/12/23 Minneapolis, Minnesota  stipend of $1,000
ellipsis… literature & art max 8,000 words Publication opp. Drama accepted. 11/15/23 n/a n/a
William Inge Theatre Festival 10 mins,
One Act (max 30 mins)
Playwrights are required to attend the festival. 11/16/23 Independence, Kansas No Fee
Centenary Stage Company Full Length Developmental program for women playwrights. 11/18/23 Hackettstown, New Jersey $200 honorarium
Lambda Literary Awards Full Length LGBTQ+ Drama. Plays and other theatrical works and performance pieces that have been published in book or script form during 2023. 11/19/23 Los Angeles, California n/a
Valdez Theatre Conference 20-120 mins Play lab. Any genre and style. Open only to writers who have not participated before and don’t reside in Alaska. 11/20/23 Valdez, Alaska n/a

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Short Play & Musical Festival max 15 mins Short plays & musicals. Playwrights must produce. Theme: LUV 11/26/23 NYC Fee: $50 if selected,
Prize: $100
The Theater Project One Act
(max 15 mins)
Adult playwrights, 18 and up. Dramas or comedies. Playwrights must produce. 11/27/23 Maplewood, New Jersey $100 fee if selected,
Prize: $500
Eclectic Full Contact Theater Company One Act
(max 30 mins)
Theme: Metamorphosis 11/30/23 Chicago Prize: $250
Jelly Bucket max 10 pages Publication opp. Plays excluding musicals or plays for children. 11/30/23 Richmond, Kentucky Fee: $2
Moondance Int’l Film Festival Any length Stage play, stage play or musical for kids, radio play. 11/30/23 Boulder, Colorado Fee: $50
Sundog Theatre 45-60 mins Radio plays. Dramas or comedies. Must be family-friendly. 11/30/23 Staten Island, New York No Fee
Utah Shakespeare Festival Full Length New-play program that provides a professionally supported platform for readings, workshops, and fully realized productions. 11/30/23 Utah n/a
Amas Musical Theatre Full Length Musicals. Must be complete and ready for readings, workshops and/or productions. 12/1/23 NYC No Fee
Prize: $2,000
Arts Fort Worth Full Length Original play, unpublished. *Members of the Dramatists Guild need only to pay $10. 12/1/23 Fort Worth, Texas Fee: $15
$500 royalty
Bogliasco Fellowships n/s Residency. Int’l submissions ok. Apps from playwrights accepted. No residency fees. 12/1/23 Italy App Fee: $30, $45
Bunbury Players 20-25 pages Works must be solely original and not based on or contain any previously copyrighted material. 12/1/23 New York n/a
Experimental Theatre Collective 10 pages (sample) Opp to be a part of a collective of experimental theatre writers. Must be in the process of creating something that isn’t conventional. 12/1/23 NYC No Fee
Live Arts max 100 pages Any genre. 12/1/23 Charlottesville, Virginia No Fee
Mesa Refuge Full Length 14-day residency. Apps from playwrights accepted. 12/1/23 Point Reyes Station, California App Fee: $50
Soapbox Stage Works max 60 pages No musicals or children’s content. 12/1/23 Pacific Grove, California No Fee
South Texas Latinx New Play Festival 30-90 mins New plays by Latino writers. 12/1/23 Texas n/a
Artists in Partnership max 30 mins Comedies or dramas (or in between), or monologues. Playwrights can submit their play for production by AIP or they can self-produce it. 12/3/23 Long Beach, New York $150 fee if accepted
Trade A Play Tuesday 10 mins Send in 10-min play and get same-day feedback. You must also read 10 pages of another playwright’s work, and give thoughtful feedback. Runs every Tuesday. Year Round n/a n/a


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