If you have been thinking about writing a play (or just want to review the basics), you may be interested in a two-session class hosted by playwright Andy Black. The course is an overview and will provide you with what you need. It runs Saturday mornings on Zoom, June 27 and July 11.   In the first interactive section, you will learn about storytelling as an innate human capacity, identify four reasons that people tell stories, and see where playwriting fits into an array of writing genres.  You will learn about seven key elements of narrative that drive stories (on and off stage) and read a play out loud in class that will help you identify how the elements of narrative work.  You will learn about five places that playwright get ideas.

Your homework assignment (for session two) will be to come in with at least three ideas you might develop.  You will talk about your ideas and by the end of the session, you should have selected an idea you like and have an idea about what your next step would be, were you to turn that idea into a play.

The session is highly interactive and designed for learners who have experience in other genres (fiction, etc.), for people who just like theater, or for people who just want to go back and review the basics.