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Howdy, Playwrights! Now is the perfect time to get cranking on meeting your playwriting goals for 2019!  So check out below to find your 30 play submissions opportunities with February deadlines.  If you know a friend who would be interested to see this list, feel free to share.




Nature of Opportunity Deadline Location Add’l Info
28 Plays Later Any length Complete a playwriting challenge every day in February. Int’l submissions ok. Submissions can be written in any language. 1/28/19 UK Fee: £23.45
Caesar’s Ford Theatre, Inc 10-30 mins Original one-act plays, monologues, or scenes from longer works. Plays should be written for an outdoor theatre venue. All scripts should be based on stories from the history and culture of Ohio. Writers should be residents of Ohio, or a graduate of a college or university located in Ohio, or have a significant tie to the state. 2/1/19  Xenia, Ohio No Fee
Green Man Theatre Troupe 10 mins Playwrights from Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana & Michigan. Theme: “Summer Vacation.” Scripts with previous performances are permitted, but must be unpublished. Anything rated G to R. Any genre except monologues or children’s shows. 2/1/19 Elmhurst, Illinois No Fee Prize: $200
HRC Showcase Theatre Full Length New, aspiring or established playwrights. The play must be previously unpublished. 2/1/19 Hudson, New York Fee: $10 Prize: $500
Lambda Literary n/a One-week writer’s workshop and residency for LGBTQ writers. Includes playwriting workshop. 2/1/19 Los Angeles, California App Fee: $25
Neil Simon Festival Full Length Character-driven comedy deadling with some aspect of American life. Must be original and cannot have been professionally produced. 2/1/19 Cedar City, Utah Fee: $150
Renegade Theatre Festival max 60 mins Plays with no previous full production. Any style/genre. 2/1/19 Lansing, Michigan n/a
Renegade Theatre Festival max 10 mins Plays with no previous full production. Any style/genre. Theme: “Breaking Down Barriers.” 2/1/19 Lansing, Michigan n/a
Theatre Now New York max 10 mins Musicals only. 2/1/19 NYC No Fee
YouthPLAYS max 15 mins Plays for lower elementary school-age performers (grades K-2). 2/1/19 Los Angeles, California n/a
Laughing Pig Theatre max 8 mins Seeking WRITERS and STORYTELLERS to write a personal monologue or story about feelings of “embarrassment.” 2/2/19 Mesa, Arizona n/a
The Drama Workshop max 10 mins Plays may be on any topic. Must be unpublished. Must not have been produced in the Greater Cincinnati area in the last year. Playwrights must be local to the Greater Cincinnati area. Monologues and short musicals will be considered. 2/2/19 Cheviot, Ohio “small honorarium”
Whiskey Radio Hour 10 mins Radio play. Any genre. 2/3/19 Chicago n/a
Actors’ Theatre Grand Rapids 10 mins Anyone is welcome to submit. Theme: Emergence 2/4/19 Grand Rapids, Michigan n/a
Babes With Blades Full Length Seeking female, trans or gender non-conforming playwrights. Submissions must be new, original works, inspired by the artwork that is the focus of the contest (see website for more details). 2/7/19 Chicago n/a
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Watermelon One-Act Festival 10-45 mins Original and unpublished plays. More than $1,000 total cash prize. 2/14/19 St. Mary’s City, Maryland Fee: $100 if selected
College of Charleston Full Length Material must be unpublished and unproduced. 2/15/19 Charleston, South Carolina Fee: $10 Prize: $400
Guilford Technical Community College Full Length The play should not have had any previous productions, either amateur or professional. 2/15/19 Jamestown, North Carolina No Fee Prize: $500
Newmarket National Ten Minute Play Festival max 10 mins Open to all playwrights living in Canada or from Canadian citizens living abroad. New plays, unproduced or unpublished. 2/15/19 Ontario, Canada Prize: $350
Stony Brook University Science Playwriting Competition 10 mins Original, unpublished, previously-unproduced, play with a substantial science component. 2/15/19 Stony Brook, New York Prize: $500
Carrollwood Players max 15 mins Scripts must be original, unpublished and not previously produced on stage (including staged readings) in Florida. 2/17/19 Tampa, Florida Fee: $5
Experience Theatre Project One Act, Full Length Plays that have not had a fully-produced production in the past 3 years. Any genre. 2/17/19 Portland, Oregon Prize: $500
Beverly Hills Theatre Guild 45-75 mins Plays suitable for grades 6-8 and grades 9-12. Original plays, adaptations and/or translations. Authors must be US Citizens or legal residents. 2/28/19 Beverly Hills, California Prize: $1,200
Capital Stage Full Length Bold, thought-provoking works. Any genre. 2/28/19 Sacramento, California n/a
Durango Arts Center max 10 pages Only original plays, never before produced or published, are eligible. 2/28/19 Durango, Colorado Fee: $12 Prize: $500
The New American Theatre One Act (max 15 mins) Int’l submissions ok. The plays must not have been previously produced in Los Angeles, CA. 2/28/19 Culver City, California Fee: $15
Throughline Artists 20-30 mins Plays cannot have been previously produced in New York or published. Open to writers living in the tri-state area. 2/28/19 NYC n/a
Turn To Flesh Productions 1-10 mins Short plays featuring vibrant roles for women. 2/28/19 NYC n/a
Playwrights Offering Free Feedback Full Length Full-length trade program. You must read a play and give feedback, and in return will have an opp to send a play and get feedback from other playwright. Year Round n/a n/a
Trade A Play Tuesday 10 mins Send in 10-min play and get same-day feedback. You must also read another playwright’s work and give feedback. Year Round n/a n/a
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